Today’s Climate Fraud From The Washington Post

Washington DC has had a few hot days, and may reach 100 this weekend. The Washington Post announces that sciences proves this is due to global warming, and an Obama tweet proves it.



What science can tell us about the links between global warming and massive heat waves – The Washington Post

I spent the last few summers in the DC area just outside the beltway in Maryland, and we didn’t have any hot weather to speak of.  I never used AC where I was living. DC used to have a lot of hot days, but they are rare now.


The same pattern is true across the entire US.


This date in 1936 was one of the hottest on record in the US, with actual temperatures of 117 degrees in the Midwest. It was 99 degrees just west of Washington DC.


This is the standard opposite from reality climate fraud which we see coming out of Washington DC every single day.

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8 Responses to Today’s Climate Fraud From The Washington Post

  1. Note that they also use the misleading heat index

  2. Steve Case says:

    While in the North woods these last few days, one of the guys in our group started to tell me that Madison WI was setting high temperature records these last few days, the longest stretch of …. I interrupted, to say that the dust bowl in the ’30s most certainly held the record. The topic of conversation changed at that point.

    I got home and looked it up, July 7 through the 14th in ’36 was a scorcher with most days over 100°F.

  3. TA says:

    “I got home and looked it up, July 7 through the 14th in ’36 was a scorcher with most days over 100°F.”

    That might be a good tactic for skeptics:

    Learn the weather history of the area you are in, and when you get in an argument about whether it is hotter today than in the past, you can pull out local temperature figures for the 1930’s that can’t be refuted.

    How can an Alarmist argue with a statement like: “In 1936, in Tulsa Oklahoma, there were 65 days over 100 degrees (way over), 36, 100+ degree days in a row, while in 2012, there were 38, 100+ degree days, and seven days in 2013, and seven days in 2014, and three days in 2015. So when was it hotter, then or now?

    How can you argue with that?

    All that temperature difference doesn’t show up in NASA and NOAA’s bogus surface temperature maps, just the opposite, but the temperature figures are right there at the local level, for all to see. Make your own comparisons. Don’t depend on a NASA or NOAA surface temperature chart.

  4. RAH says:

    So once again we see that it’s all just weather until it gets hot, or there is a draught, or there is a hurricane that hits the US, or some decent sized wild fires, or a tornado outbreak, and then for the liars it is suddenly all about man caused climate change.

    Those with a few working brain cells and a little knowledge know that the best definition of Washington, DC is 68 square miles surrounded by reality. And they prove that almost every single day.

    That same definition with the area adjusted as appropriate could be used for many of the Universities in this nation also.

  5. Douglas Rogalla says:

    i remember that we moved to Waldorf, MD in the Summer of 1993 — i seem to remember that temperatures got oppressively high with what seem to remember 7 days reaching 100+; the grass all died as did bushes in front of the house we were renting; record high for MD was set on July 10, 1936 at 109F; it is interesting to note how many record highs were set in the 1930s — my dad still remembers the Summer of 1936 in Wisconsin

  6. Don says:

    “Massive”, “dangerous”. Sheesh, such frauds. And in bed with the DNC, the DNC which will be having a class-action lawsuit filed against it.

    Øbama tweeted about it. Did he take a selfie with it? LOL

  7. BobbyK says:

    A major dangerous heat wave? Well than I guess all the reports of majority of society going out and playing pokemon must all be fraudulent lies and tampered with videos and pictures since there’s this major dangerous heat wave going on. Everyone must really just staying inside since they can sense the kind of danger they’re in. Too hot to go out.

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