Brain Bombs For Forbes

This article is so packed full of stupid, it is difficult to know where to begin. The author claims that the climate is fighting back by shutting down oil wells.

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Floods, Wildfires, Extreme Heat: Is The Climate Fighting Back Against The Fossil Fuel Industry? – Forbes

Oil prices are at historic lows, because production is at historic highs. Nature doesn’t appear to be fighting back very hard. There is too much stupid in this article to cover it all, so I will just focus on imaginary Louisiana “rain bombs.”

There is no long term trend in heavy Louisiana precipitation.

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During the summer of 1955 – Jennings, Louisiana had three days with more than 20 inches of rain. This included 21 inches on August 3 and 31 inches on August 5.  CO2 was 315 PPM at the time.


The percentage of rainfall events in Louisiana heavier than two inches has not changed over time. The two most extreme years were 1905 and 1980.

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What is remarkable is the lack of hurricanes in Louisiana over the past decade. On this date in 1969 they were too busy cleaning up after category 5 Camille, to worry about brainless superstitions.


Fossil fuels are one of our greatest blessings, and lifted us out of squalor and misery. Only a complete moron would be upset about them.

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