James Hansen – World’s #1 Climate Criminal

NASA’s James Hansen has made a career out lying about climate. Here is a real whopper where he claimed that the blistering heat during 2012 in the US was almost impossible previously.

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5 Aug 2012, Page A7 – Asbury Park Press at Newspapers.com

The temperature record shows the exact opposite of what Hansen was claiming. The frequency, intensity and areal coverage of hot weather in the US has plummeted over the past century.

What is particularly disturbing is his claim that we didn’t have hot weather in the 1950’s or the 1980’s. Hansen became famous in 1988, for blaming the heat on global warming. That summer was much hotter than the summer of 2012.

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James Hansen established a pattern of fraud which is now used almost universally by climate scientists, where they simply fabricate claims which are the exact opposite of what the data show.

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