Mind-Blowing Fraud From The University Of Chicago And Forbes

The University of Chicago says that Illinois will be as warm as India.



Every U.S. State Could Be Hotter Than Mexico By 2100, With Deadly Consequences – Forbes

Thirty years ago, the front page of the Chicago Tribune had a feature article discussing how Illinois temperatures were plummeting, even as CO2 is increasing.


Chicago Tribune Archive | April 23, 1984

There has been no trend in Illinois summer average temperatures since 1895.


Illinois summer afternoon temperatures have plummeted.


The frequency of hot summer afternoons in Illinois has also plummeted over the past 115 years.


IEM :: Automated Data Plotter


And across the US, the frequency of hot days has also plummeted.


There is not one shred of empirical evidence to support the claims in this University of Chicago/Forbes article. But fraud is the gold standard for climate science.

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7 Responses to Mind-Blowing Fraud From The University Of Chicago And Forbes

  1. Gator69 says:

    Organized crime in Chicago? How long has this been going on?

  2. frederik wisse says:

    If only Al Capone had known how easy it is to make money with a Gore-scheme in climate sciences he would have effectuated a monstrous omerta over the truth .
    All Obama is doing , changing the facts right now is mere child-play and does not change the power-structures in our society , the evil ones included . Who will get really smart and really take advantage of our useful idiots ?

  3. Dan zielinski says:

    Imagine how hot places like Mexixo and Sudan will be according to this. I’m guessing that many Sudanese and Mexicans will just burst into flames.

  4. OrganicFool says:

    Fine print, “opinions expressed by Forbes contributors are their own”

  5. Dave N says:

    They work on the “if it’s scary, we’ll print it” principle. Works for ice age scares or CAGW scares, amongst others.

  6. RickS says:

    “Anything” coming out of the City of Chicago is down (And I do mean “Down” ⬇) right wicked !

    That is the place where [Black-Lives Murder “Black Lives”] and not just hear and there but several hundred Every-Stinkin-Year !!

    Murder little boys, Murder little girls, Murder young Men, Murder young Women, Murder old Women, Murder old Men, and Murder and Murder and Murder… etc, etc, etc…… !!!

    You wanna talk about an evil place, know where beats Chicago, the central manifestation theology of the Liberal Left, the central command of the Democratic Party, and the place where the current Liar & Chief began his political career ? ! ?

    They’re doing such a “great” job ?

    What do you expect to come out of a place like that ????????

    Evil City !

    University of Chicago ?

    Evil University !

    You would think that the people who dwell there would want to get used to High-Heat-Temperatures ?

    Now that’s stupidity !!!!!!!!

    But again, if this thing flips and one of those “minimum”‘s occurs, then Chicago will be one of those places where “No” one will want to be !

    But then again by that time there might not be that many left to flee ?

    Don’t come to My City, better yet, stay East of the Rockies, there’s plenty of places (Room) to die there…


  7. Andy DC says:

    In the alarmist’s world white is black and black is white. Whatever, as long as that grant money keeps flowing.

    Like the Democratic Convention saying Kansas and Texas are having terrible droughts, when there has been nothing resembling drought since 2012. Without anyone blinking an eye or saying a word about it. Kind of makes “1984” look tame by comparison.

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