The Anderson Cooper Climate Ambush

Word is that Anderson Cooper is planning a climate ambush for Trump at the debate on Sunday. I am in contact with Trump’s staff and have given them these answers. If he uses them, he will walk through the ambush unscathed.

Q : Why did you say that global warming is a hoax invented for the Chinese?

A: The agreement President Obama just made with the Chinese allows them to double their greenhouse gas emissions over the next 15 years. They are bringing a new coal fired power plant on line every week or two. China is the world’s largest polluter, by far.  This is just one more terrible deal President Obama has made for the US. It does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  NASA’s leading expert Dr. James Hansen said the Paris talks were a fraud.

Q : Why do you dispute 97% of scientists?

A : When I am President, we will bring many more voices into the climate discussion. There are thousands of skeptical scientists and engineers whose voices are not being heard, because you in the media are censoring them. People like Dr. Harrison Schmitt – the only scientist to have walked on the moon, and 49 of NASA’s finest from the Apollo program. That type of dishonest, one sided journalism is not how we do things in America.

Q : What do you have to say to the people suffering from climate change in Florida?

A : Ninety years ago this summer, Miami was destroyed by a hurricane. The University of Miami is named “The Hurricanes” after that storm. Florida has been hit by 116 hurricanes since 1851. Anyone who claims they can stop hurricanes in Florida is selling snake oil and not being honest.

Q; What harm can come from switching to renewable energy?

A: Last week the lights went out in South Australia because they relied on wind energy at a time when wind energy was unavailable. We need 100% reliable energy sources, and until that day arrives it is reckless to shut down our existing power grid.

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