Global Lukewarming In Texas


Lukewarmer Pat Michaels of the CATO Institute claims that NOAA adjustments in Texas are probably due to Time Of Observation Bias. The theory being stations which take their min/max readings in the afternoon will double count hot afternoons and be biased too high in the 1930’s.


‘Global warming’ in Texas a farce – Southern Nation News

That is easy enough to test out. I broke the Texas stations out into two groups, one group is all stations, and the other group is only stations which did not record their min/max readings between 3pm and 7pm on July 15, 1936. The second group would tend to be biased too cold in the 1930’s, because they would double count cold mornings.


Here are the official NOAA Raw, TOB and final temperatures.


As you can see, Time Of Observation Bias has almost no effect on Texas temperatures. Whatever they are doing in the final adjustment step is not science.

I run into this issue frequently with lukewarmers like Pat Michaels, Judith Curry, and Anthony Watts – who apparently feel free to comment on my work without doing any actual research or contacting me.

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