Google Determined To Steal The Election From The American People

The top Google headlines are nothing but lies, fraud and spin intended to put a criminal Hillary Clinton in the White House. They refuse to report authenticated claims of rape by Clintons, and headline discredited claims against Trump. Instead of reporting on the endless stream of Wikileaks horrors about Hillary Clinton, they report it as “Trump refuses to admit the Russians did it.”

Google has also announced that they are going to fact check every article. These are dangerous times, essentially identical to what went on in the Soviet Union.


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20 Responses to Google Determined To Steal The Election From The American People

  1. RAH says:

    It’s not just Google. NBC/MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, AP, Huffington Post, and many others have been colluding with the Clinton campaign. Such bias has been in evidence for quite some time but now it’s just down right out there in the open.

  2. T M says:

    Trump is great at making outrageous and insightful statements. But he hasn’t capitalized on Hildog’s crimes and cronyism as much as he should. His speech writers should be highlighting a different crime every day – with appropriately damning language designed to get headlines. He should shake her hand at the next debate and then very obviously wipe it on his pants.

  3. frederik wisse says:

    Orwell wrote 1984 . Big sister is trying to write 2016 . Google will tell us their truth and what it will be like can be experienced in these Hillary stories and these are only the foreplay , Google will be quite happy to put the rest of the world asleep and in slavery and get excessively rich on all these stupid voters for Hillary not being able any more to identify right from wrong . In their eyes evil does not originate from taking wrong decisions , everything has a social cause and personal responsibility no longer exists . In order to reach happiness you must obey the party-line . Modern slavery .
    Will this be our future?

  4. Steve Keohane says:

    Google has headlines?!?!?!? So they have a website to publish news? I’ve been missing out. But then it’s been almost four years since I used their search engine.

  5. annieoakley says:

    Google has more visits to the WH than the Muslim Brotherhood. Google knows a gravy train and how to get on.

  6. Andy DC says:

    The way the world works is that,with an extremely wealthy, good looking, celebrity male like Trump, tons of highly attractive women are going to be throwing themselves at his feet every other minute. So there is absolutely no reason that he would have to waste a second of his time with disinterested women.

    • wert says:

      He didn’t know they were not interested. He neither cares if they were interested.

      But to accuse google one should tell exactly what it has been sensoring? What keywords do not find what pages?

      IMO Google works pretty well, try for example exxonknew and see if exxon itself is included in results.

  7. Don says:

    Another accuser, Summer Zervos, has been busted. Sent an email in April 2016 asking Trump to come to her restaurant.


    Summer Zervos, the former Apprentice star who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump, sent an email to Trump’s assistant in April praising the GOP nominee.

    The email and a statement by Zervos’ cousin were released by the Trump campaign Friday afternoon. “I am completely shocked and bewildered by my cousin, Summer Zervos, and her press conference today. Ever since she was on The Apprentice she has had nothing but glowing things to say about Mr. Trump,” John Barry, Zervos’ first cousin, said in the statement. He went on to say, “That was until Summer invited Mr. Trump to her restaurant during the primary and he said no. I think Summer wishes she could still be on reality TV, and in an effort to get that back she’s saying all of these negative things about Mr. Trump.”

    In 2006, Zervos said in an interview that she left the Apprentice “admiring Donald Trump a lot more than when I arrived.”

    In the April 14 email, Zervos wrote to Trump’s executive assistant Rhona Graff.

    “I am in a unique situation being that I am the only former Apprentice who operates a business where Mr. Trump’s supporters can walk in, express their admiration for him and inquire about my experience. Mr. Trump has a great deal of support in Huntington Beach, Ca!”

    “We hire a diverse crew and embrace anyone who is honest while working hard. Mr. Trump is cut from the same cloth. I would greatly appreciate reconnecting at this time. He will know my intentions are genuine,” Zervos said.

  8. rw says:

    Everyone should have seen this coming. When someone is a real threat to a major Democratic candidate, especially in the presidential election, eventually we get down to this. (Anyone remember Herman Cain? Remember how all the allegations just evaporated once he had dropped out of the race? And even further back, remember Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings?)

    • Ross says:

      Correct. I saw Huckabee saying that he saw exactly the same play book come out every time he was on the ballot in Arkansas. He has not been surprised at all.

      I think Trump should just ignore , completely, every attack when he is giving speeches. Hard for for him to do given his personality but if he spends the next 3 weeks reinforcing key policy points and using the Wikileak information –especially those that reflect badly on the whole Administration and those that ‘attack’ religious groups.
      Leave the rebuttal of the sleeze attacks to him campaign team –take Trump & Spence out of that area.

  9. IMHO Trump has already won the election via early voting. Here in Brevard county Florida over 60% of the electorate have already voted and another 33% are expected to vote over the next 26 days.

    The pundits say that the candidates have very high “Negatives” so the turnout will be low. While that may be true in districts with high numbers of registered Democrats it is clearly false in districts that are mainly Republican (e.g. Brevard county).

    It is easy understand what is going on given that 25,000 people will line up in the rain to hear Trump speak while Clinton seldom gets more than 500 people……….the enthusiasm gap is huuuuuuuge.

  10. AndyG55 says:

    From Pickering Post;

    Yoko Ono, when asked, said of Hillary, “We met many times during the New York Vietnam War protests in the 1970s, and became very intimate. We shared many of the same values about sexual equality, fighting against the authoritarian, patriarchal, male-dominated society we were raised in”. “We had a brief romantic fling when I was with John in Manhattan and Hillary was studying at Yale”, she told reporters at a press conference.

    Seems that Hillary wasn’t immune to a bit of “side-play” !

    Same gender side play.

  11. Bob Hoye says:

    It took Canada’s MSM ten years of personal vilification before PM Stephen Harper lost an election. Non-stop 24/7. Here is the point, Harper had no charisma and was polite.
    Trump would be as severely vilified if he was polite. An authoritarian culture can’t tolerate opposition, or–shudder–defeat.
    Please Google a piece I published on July 2nd.
    American Spring

  12. ColA says:

    Yes, I believe you Tony, I have looked at some of my search results in Australia and thought the results were skewed!! Steve Keohane what search engine/news site do you use?? Given my unease about Google, I am not sure Bing is any better!!

    “Show me the money!” 4 perfect words for 99.99% of politics.
    HOW MUCH money did Google donate to the Clinton Foundation????????
    HOW MUCH money does Google expect to get from Dillary for their manipulations????

  13. Ross says:

    Well, well. It appears someone from the NSA hacked the DNC ( not the Russians). Why?
    Because Clinton’s sloppy security ended up with some undercover NSA guys being “outed” overseas. Some escaped detection and others apparently did not. So the last person they want as POTUS is Clinton. Add to that how annoyed the senior FBI guys over the email investigation result ( no prosecution) and you now have many in two very important agencies who don’t want see Clinton any where near the White House.

    For more on it

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