Michelle Obama : Bill Clinton’s Behavior Disqualifies Hillary

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  1. I have a confession to make. For years I’ve been looking at US sceptics moaning about NOAA and NASA and EPA and every other branch of government saying that they are breaking the law and wondering why you weren’t getting off your fat back sides and doing something about it.

    But having seen the corruption of Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, looking at the blatant lies about the emails and the total lack of any criminal indictment … I’ve realised that your whole political system is corrupt. It’s just one big fraud with politicians raking in bribes.

    And whilst I haven’t particularly liked Trump – now I see the blatant criminality you face, I can see why there is no alternative. There has got to be return to the rule of law.

    Indeed, having come to hear about all this criminality very recently, if anything I think you Americans have become so accustomed to it that you no longer see it as a problem. IT IS A PROBLEM! Not just to you, but to the rest of the world, because when NASA NOAA etc. get away with fraud because they are working for the government – it does affect us all.

    So, please, please, please do all you can to get rid of Clinton!

    • Gail Combs says:

      Don’t forget Arkancide The count is some where around 50 to 60 convenient deaths for the Clintons. Deaths like that of Seth Rich who is thought to be the DNC WIKIleaks hacker. Or the Vince Foster “suicide”

      ….He appears to have been murdered in the White House and his body was then moved to the federal park. Foster was found with a gun in his hand and gunshot residue on that hand. An autopsy determined that he was shot in the mouth and no other wounds were found on his body. But that was just the start of the cover-up. What was withheld, according to investigators I personally know on Capitol Hill, was the fact that a piece of his head where the bullet came out the back was not there. This suggested his body had been removed. But that was just for starters.

      Patrick Knowlton is the man who found Foster’s body who disagreed with the “official” facts of Kenneth Star, special government prosecutor investigating the Clintons. Star actually objected to allowing Knowlton’s comments being made as part of any report….

      FBI Agent Lawrence Monroe had interviewed Patrick Knowlton and falsified the report changing what he told him. Much of the controversy was the fact that Vince Foster’s car was not parked in the lot until after Foster was found dead. Knowlton was there and had not interest in the matter. Starr attempted to cover-up the entire affair because the very man who found the body disagreed with the sloppy clean up….

      There were strangely no photos of the crime scene. I seriously doubt there is any case in history where a dead body is discovered after World War II without photographs of the crime scene. Recent discovery of further suppressed documents show there was a second wound on Foster’s neck….

      Then there were reports that Hillary’s aid[e]s ransacked Foster’s office telling the FBI to stand down. Within hours of the death of Vince Foster in July 1993, chief White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum removed documents, some of them concerning the Whitewater Development Corporation under investigation that Foster was to testify about. These critical documents were removed from Foster’s office and Nussbaum admits he then gave them to Maggie Williams, Chief of Staff to the First Lady Hillary. According to the New York Times, Williams placed the documents in a safe in the White House for five days before turning them over to Hillary’s personal lawyer. Hillary was even subpoenaed over that one….

      Hillary’s fingerprints were all over this mess, not Bill’s. Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell said on July 20th, 1993 as cited by Esquire Magazine in November 1993: “Don’t believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn’t have been.”

      There was a really good youtube on several of the ‘convenient deaths’ with interviews of witnesses.

      I think it was The Clinton Chronicles

    • Adam says:

      Mike, as a first generation American (parents transplanted from Oz in the 60’s during the race riots in NC), and member of the X-Files generation I hate to admit that we take “smoke filled rooms” as read.

      It may seem odd to the pragmatic people of the UK (and the fact you are commenting here probably puts you in the top 10% of smart and inquisitive people) but in America anything goes. The left (Democrats) has been cultivating this culture of “conspiracy” hysteria since McCarthy, projecting their own evil on the conservative opposition (Republicans). It truly feels like we are living in an X-Files episode now, where both sides have painted each other as evil. Then came wikileaks…..

      My question is what the FBI agents (that are also the X-Files generation) think about this cover up from the highest level. Will we have a Scully and Mulder congressional testifying moment soon? RE: X-Files Season 4 Episode 9 “Terma” @19:45 on Netflix. Replace aliens with global warming or emails and it fits.

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