Snow Is A Thing Of The Past In British Columbia

Six years ago, climate experts told us British Columbia skiing is doomed.


Olympics | Climate change | Issues | David Suzuki Foundation

BC ski areas are expecting about six feet of snow this week, and farmers are being wiped out by early cold and snow.


Record snowfall freezes northeastern B.C. grain harvest – British Columbia – CBC News

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14 Responses to Snow Is A Thing Of The Past In British Columbia

  1. lance says:

    I remember when Dr. Fruit Fly got all the publicity he needed to peddle his doom and gloom to the media. They fall all over themselves to get in line to bring him into their networks….of course, another scientist indicated that the Olympics in Russia would be the LAST winter Olympics as the earth would be too warm…. shaking head…..

  2. Steve Case says:

    … Dr. Fruit Fly …

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    First chuckle of the day.

  3. richard verney says:

    I remember watching the Vancouver games. The snow conditions were particular poor and the right waxing of skis was very difficult in those conditions. I suspect that a few races were determined by who got the waxing right, or perhaps who got it wrong. A pity for the athletes, but that is the lottery of weather.

  4. Tom Halla says:

    This is a revealing historical site, and the zealots rely on no one remembering history, even in the short term.

  5. Edmonton Al says:

    Dr. FF is a total fraud. He has made his millions from taxpayers funds thru the CBC [Cdn Broadcasting Corp] as well as false environmental claims that have been debunked, such as endangered species. Ezra Levant of the “Rebel” has exposed his fraud years back along with his close ties with CBC. He, too, like Al Gore has, bought a $10 million house on the Vancouver BC shoreline. With the real estate bubble in Vancouver, his house may be priced at $25 or $30 million today.

    • terrence says:

      Yes, and Dr FF’s water front property is a double lot on English Bay. Not a narrow, standard lot the peasants must buy and live in.

      And, he has at least one, maybe two, cottages on Gulf Islands.

  6. AZ1971 says:

    Interesting information about the snow forecast. I had to check for myself just how much snow was expected at some of the BC ski resorts—the website shows for some of them over the next 72 hours that upwards of seven feet of snow can be expected. Great news for the ski resorts for sure.

    This is early in the season (it’s only Halloween, after all) so it should be interesting to see if the weather pattern continues to bring in heavy precipitation events like this over the entire winter. We’ve already seen very heavy accumulation on the Greenland ice sheet ( so far this year and with the increase in atmospheric specific humidity there’s always the chance that it can continue at an unprecedented rate for the remainder of the NH winter. It makes a person wonder just how quickly glaciers and ice sheets can rebuild themselves, and also through what mechanism a new ice age begins. I keep hoping to hear from our elite climate scientists how previous high levels of CO2 are overwhelmed by Milankovitch cycles to facilitate ice ages, and by what means such a process is both initiated and substantiated, but there’s never a discussion about that, only about how we’re all doomed to future record warmth and a hodge-podge of drought/flooding/etc.

    Personally, I find the planet exceedingly self-regulating and resilient. Yes, we as humans f—k things up royally by cutting down forests and doing really horrible things to the environment in a reckless manner, but burning coal, oil and gas? That’s not one of them.

    • John F Hultquist says:


      I’m in central Washington State. We’ve had a little snow above 6,000 feet but mostly it has been rain. Places have had record totals for the month of October. I think this is interesting, but still just “weather.”

      Below: Trying to be helpful …
      As to Ice Ages: The warm and cold spells of the last 12,000 years or so, and the advances and melting of glaciers in short time frames, are not understood and may never be.
      As actual students of Earth speak and write of things, they currently say we are in the Quaternary Ice Age – there were 4 prior ones.
      Within and Ice Age there are snow/ice growth times, referred to as glacial periods, and warmer times (ice melt), called interglacial periods. Earth is now in an interglacial period.
      Snow on snow requires a depth of many feet (200 or so) to get to glacial ice. Snow that warms and cools (last year’s snow) is called firn; crystalline but not glacial ice.
      Rain or snow will melt snow rapidly. Flooding is often caused by rain-on-snow events.
      People began naming all these warm and cool periods and because they lived in different countries, with different languages, and different timing of events – things got a bit confusing. It is now more common for researchers to refer to the periods by their marine isotopic stage number.

      Regarding Milankovitch cycles, here’s a start:

      Best, John

  7. Psalmon says:

    Whistler Web Cam…headed there this December! Already buried in October.

  8. Robert Austin says:

    I guess the Suzuki Foundation never heard of ENSO. Or they are willfully ignorant of the phenomenon in pursuit of their misanthropic agenda.

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