Wiretapping Political Opponents For National Security

In 1974, a corrupt president wiretapped his opponents and used national security as an excuse.

14 Jul 1974, Page 1 – Lincoln Evening Journal

The fake news New York Times and Washington Post were very upset about this, because of principles because the president was Republican. Now they brag about Obama wiretapping his political opponents.

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11 Responses to Wiretapping Political Opponents For National Security

  1. mat says:

    Check out the guy who broke the story that Bloomberg and the NYT have had for some time, and were never going to release.

    Cernovich Says His Source for Susan Rice Story was MSM Employees Leaking Info

  2. Brad says:

    Sad thing is the democrats will continue to get away with it, just like they did with fast and furious, IRS targeting of tea party groups, Hillary’s emails, Obama’s “days not weeks” war in Libya in violation of the War Powers Act, Kathleen Sebelius violating the Hatch Act, Obama violating the Hatch Act, Obama legislating amnesty with DACA and the Dreamers, ACORN, etc.

    • Kozlowski says:


      They got away with it because of collusion between the DOJ, the administration and most importantly, the press. That collusion is now over. We will have to wait and be patient but I am hopeful that swamp draining will commence.

      And I am also hopeful that some of these miscreants will end up in jail. Because most certainly others have gone to jail for far less than subverting elections (Ukraine) starting wars (Algeria, Libya, Syria etc), giving arms to ISIS, smuggling guns to Mexico and so on and so on.

      I suspect that we will eventually find that all of this Russia nonsense with Trump will circle back to the Obama administration *wanting* Trump to be the Republican candidate, theorizing that he would be the easiest to defeat. So they selectively leaked and worked with the MSM to that goal.

      When he won, they switched and decided to do everything possible to undermine the new president.

      Obama truly needed Hillary to win in order to cement the position of thousands of underlings throughout the government. In order to continue to hide the crimes of his administration and allow them to disappear into history without being found out or investigated further.

      That Hillary didn’t win has truly got to be a shock. It was rightfully hers to win, she was next in line after all.

      • David A says:

        I agree with your perspective and hope. It will come to fruition when Trump truly controls the CIA, FBI, DHS, IRS, EPA, to name some key agencies heavily infected with partisan statists.

        The war to control these agencies is on.

  3. Winnipegboy says:

    new AG and directive to follow the law. Maybe that will help.

    • Rah says:

      Yep. Sessions recused himself from the Russian-Trump collusion investigation. But I don’t think that recusal will stop him from going after Rice or any other party involved in the illegal leaking of Intelligence.

  4. Rah says:

    Don’t think we’re done having new revalations about cooruption in the administration of “the one” revealed. However this revalations about Rice is serving very well to take all the hot air concerning the unsubstantiated claims of Trip collusion with the Russians out of the MSM balloon.

  5. Rah says:

    Trump not “trip”. #@$& cell phone!

  6. TA says:

    The Congressional Investigations should also include the illegal collusion between the Russians and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    One thing about Congressional investigations is they can delve into all sorts of matters. Bill and Hillary are certainly good subjects to study along with every agency of the former Obama administration. All of them are corrupt.

    As for the Obama administration spying on Trump, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama has been spying on all his political opponents from the very beginning of his first term. I suppose we will find all this out eventually.

    I must say I’m enjoying the distress this is causing the MSM and the Democrats. They are trying to keep up a brave front but I think they know they have a lot of trouble on their hands with the Obama administration spying on Trump and possibly others. Obama himself may be involved and probably is inovolved if the charges are true, since Susan Rice isn’t going to do anything without consulting Obama.

    We may not be able to put Obama in jail but a guilty verdict in the arena of public opinion might shut him up, which would be almost as good. We should at least make sure we put Hillary in jail so she can’t threaten us with running for president again. :)

  7. TA says:

    Don’t be surprised if the U.S. doesn’t bomb Bashar Assad’s airforce and airfields in the very near future. Although, Trump may give Russia a chance to reign in Assad before taking such action.

    Nicki Haley lambasted the Russians at the UN today for the chemical attack, saying if the Russians had done what was agreed to and had removed all of Assads chemical weapons then this atrocity would not have occurred. Anyone who thinks Trump is soft on Russia should listen to Ambassdor Haley’s speech today. I was cheering. Finally, someone speaks the truth to totalitarianism at the UN.

    Trump doesn’t sound like he is going to put up with Assad using chemical weapons, and McCain and Lindsey Graham are totally on board with taking military action to destroy Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons from the air by bombing his aircraft and airfields.

    O’Reilly just interviewed Graham on Fox News, and Graham was describing how the U.S. needs to destroy Assad’s air assets and crater its runways. O’Reilly reminded Graham that Russian aircraft were also on those airfields. Graham said: “Well, I guess the Russians better move them.”

    Trump may also take preemptive action against North Korea. That’s the situation as Trump meets with China’s leader tomorrow. The results of that meeting will be *very* interesting.

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