The Correct Way To Analyze Data

A single shot through the right temple took the life of the 46-year-old Chief Executive

22 Nov 1963, 10 – Fort Lauderdale News

If you want to come to a reasonable conclusion about a topic, you have to clear your head of what you want to believe, clear it of what you have heard, and look at the data objectively.  That is how I analyze climate data.

Below, I motion stabilized the key frames of the Zapruder video, so that car and camera movements are removed.

  • JFK’s head never lurched forward. Between frames 313 and 314 the camera jerked backwards, creating the illusion of a forward movement. I have removed this from the sequence via motion stabilization.
  • In frame 315 a bright white circle appeared in his skull, and remained for several seconds
  • Between frames 315 and 320, his head jerked sharply backwards, about 12 inches.
  • By frame 323, he is starting to slump forwards.
  • There is no indication of damage to the back of his skull.

So what is the bright white circle?  Most likely a soft incendiary or explosive bullet lodged in his skull. In frame 317, the clearly defined white circle is much brighter than anything else in the image.

The momentum of the bullet dragged his head sharply backwards between frames 315 and 320.

People don’t normally have bright white lights inside their skull.  The claim that JFK was killed by a rifle shot from the rear is simply ludicrous. This is not “conspiracy theory.” This is objective data analysis. My conclusion also agrees with the first news reports made on November 22, 1963.


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  1. richard says:


    Q. Now, then, what can you tell us with respect to the subsequent action of the President’s head and body after that initial apparent slight movement forward?

    A. There could be two reasons for it. One reason, there is a jet of blood and brain material from the head, some bone seemed to fly up in the air, but the bulk of it appears to fly forward and maybe slightly to the right. This gives an indication that that is possibly in the direction that the bullet exited from the skull.

    • tonyheller says:

      I think you are seeing what you want to see, not what is going on. His head in frame 314 is in almost exactly the same position as frame 312, except that the front right quadrant of his skull is missing.

  2. richard says:

    Using physics principles (18) it is possible to make predictions about the final outcome of a moving object. Such predictions are made through the application of physical principles and mathematical formulas to a given set of initial conditions. Because historical published information indicates blood is consistent in its reaction to high velocity forceful impact, the focus of this experiment is to prove:
    Regardless of blood volume, or projectile caliber and velocity, when a bullet strikes blood, without some interference such as wound shoring or heavy clothing, some blood will be projected back toward the source of the impact. The majority of blood will be projected forward with the direction of travel of the projectile in perforating wounds.
    Additionally, we seek to determine if the direction of travel for the projectile creating the patterns can be determined by comparison of the patterns created in a single incident.

    • sunsettommy says:

      Richard, not only does that evidence show that it came from the window of the building, WITNESSES pointed at the the window where Oswald was shooting from, right after the shooting occurred. The people in the next floor window below also said they heard gun shots come from above them.

      In Gerald Posner’s book, Case Closed, there are photos of a group people pointing up at the very window Oswald was in, right after the shooting and photo of the people who were in the lower floor window also looking up. They were interviewed about it where they said the shots came from the window area of the building.

      The Rifle was recovered by the local police,

      “An Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle (see 6.5×52mm Mannlicher–Carcano cartridge) was found on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository by Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman and Deputy Sheriff Eugene Boone soon after the assassination of President Kennedy.[78] The recovery was filmed by Tom Alyea of WFAA-TV.[79]

      This footage shows the rifle to be a Carcano, and it was later verified by photographic analysis commissioned by the HSCA that the rifle filmed was the same one later identified as the assassination weapon.[80] Compared to photographs taken of Oswald holding the rifle in his backyard, “one notch in the stock at [a] point that appears very faintly in the photograph” matched,[81] as well as the rifle’s dimensions.[82]”

      Then Ramsey Clark in 1968 examined the wounds,concluding the shots came from BEHIND the President.

      “Ramsey Clark Panel

      In 1968, a panel of four medical experts appointed by Attorney General Ramsey Clark met in Washington, D.C., to examine various photographs, X-ray films, documents, and other evidence about the death of President Kennedy. The Clark Panel determined that President Kennedy was struck by two bullets fired from above and behind him, one of which traversed the base of the neck on the right side without striking bone and the other of which entered the skull from behind and destroyed its upper right side.[134]”

      The evidence is very strong that Oswald was the shooter,since the rifle belongs to him,it was found at the area of the window, and he was in the area at the time of the shooting.

      The Warren Commission, the HSCA agree that Oswald was the shooter:

      ” The Committee concluded that previous investigations into Oswald’s responsibility were “thorough and reliable” but they did not adequately investigate the possibility of a conspiracy, and that Federal agencies performed with “varying degrees of competency”.[139] Specifically, the FBI and CIA were found to be deficient in sharing information with other agencies and the Warren Commission. Instead of furnishing all information relevant to the investigation, the FBI and CIA only responded to specific requests and were still occasionally inadequate.[140] Furthermore, the Secret Service did not properly analyze information it possessed prior to the assassination and was inadequately prepared to protect the President.[5]

      Concerning the conclusions of “probable conspiracy”, four of the twelve committee members wrote dissenting opinions.[141] In accordance with the recommendations of the HSCA, the Dictabelt recording and acoustic evidence of a second assassin was subsequently reexamined. In light of investigative reports from the FBI’s Technical Services Division and a specially appointed National Academy of Sciences Committee determining that “reliable acoustic data do not support a conclusion that there was a second gunman,”[142] the Justice Department concluded “that no persuasive evidence can be identified to support the theory of a conspiracy in … the assassination of President Kennedy”.[10]”

      This endless conspiracy charade needs to be put to rest, as the evidence for Oswald being the shooter is overwhelming.

      • richard says:

        Factor in the accidental shot from the police car behind- if true.

        • I have that Menninger book too. The hypothesis is intriguing, and there is circumstantial evidence for it in Jim Bishop’s book, but the only photo of the AR15 is described as taken on the way to Parkland. Witnesses say nothing about it. The original Warren report, BTW, is now online at, but it is awfully slow reading.

      • sunsettommy says:

        The MISSED second shot explained here:

        “Governor Connally and a spectator wounded

        Governor Connally was riding in the same limousine in a seat directly in front of the President and three inches more to the left than Kennedy; he was also seriously injured, but survived. Doctors later stated that after the Governor was shot, his wife pulled him onto her lap, and the resulting posture helped close his front chest wound, which was causing air to be sucked directly into his chest around his collapsed right lung.

        James Tague was a spectator and witness to the assassination. He received a minor wound to his right cheek while standing 531 feet (162 m) away from the depository’s sixth floor easternmost window, 270 feet (82 m) in front of and slightly to the right of President Kennedy’s head facing direction and more than 16 feet (4.9 m) below the top of the President’s head. Tague’s injury occurred when a bullet or bullet fragment with no copper casing struck the nearby Main Street south curb. A deputy sheriff noticed some blood on Tague’s cheek, and Tague realized something had stung his face during the shooting. When Tague pointed to where he had been standing, the police officer noticed a bullet smear on a nearby curb. Nine months later the FBI removed the curb, and a spectrographic analysis revealed metallic residue consistent with that of the lead core in Oswald’s ammunition.[45] Tague testified before the Warren Commission and was asked if he remembered which of the three shots struck him; he stated that it was the second or third shot. When the Warren Commission attorney pressed him further, Tague stated he was struck concurrent with the second shot.[46]”

        After seeing a lot of speculative conspiracy claims have been floated around for years,I decided to BUY the Warren Commission and Case Closed books as part of my personal reading to see what was really established and what was not. The evidence was overwhelmingly pointing to Oswald being the shooter based on the Witnesses,Forensic evidence and that Zapruder film.

        The HSCA investigations in the 1970’s also agree that Oswald was the likely shooter. The FBI, the Police and several official investigations,ALWAYS shared a common conclusion that Oswald was the shooter.

        A lot of people wrote books claiming a particular conspiracy that never seem to pan,but they made a lot of money publishing their bullcrap.

        Was it the Mob,or the FBI, or the CIA, or a combination, or was it Vice President ordering the murder, and on and on with the never proven bullcrap.

        I will stick with the official investigation conclusions instead.

        • Those conclusions indicate Oswald fired two shots from way up high and hit Connally. But the ones that hit Kennedy do not match. Wrong trajectory, wrong direction. The DOJ has filed thousands of conspiracy indictments every year since the 1920s, and such things really do exist. And ordinary trigonometry and wound positions (and the dynamics of the Zapruder film) point to two shooters, not necessarily “in cahoots.” Mrs Connally said JFK was shot first, then her husband, despite concerted pressure to get her to lie. (Ahem.)

          • sunsettommy says:

            I notice you just ignored the official investigation conclusions, to reply on a woman’s unsupported opinions.

            It is likely that Connally was shot by the first bullet,since it does match the rifle Oswald used and and the ANGLE of the path going through Kennedy into Connally matches quite well,as coming from the Window Oswald was at.

            “The United States House Select Committee on Assassinations published their report in 1979 stating that their “forensic pathology panel’s conclusions were consistent with the so-called single bullet theory advanced by the Warren Commission”.[10]”


            “Nevertheless, all seven members of the Commission signed off on the statement: “There was no question in the mind of any member of the Commission that all the shots which caused the President’s and Governor Connally’s wounds were fired from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository.”[32]”

            and there were TWO full investigations using modern technology,showing that the Single Bullet DID did hit the two men,and that the CONE of the trajectory can only be from the Window where the three shots came from.

            “In 2004, the Discovery Channel aired an episode of Unsolved History titled JFK — Beyond the Magic Bullet.[74] Their re-enactment of the assassination using current forensics and materials found that a single bullet almost exactly duplicated the path of travel specified in the single bullet theory.[74]”


            “In 1993 computer animator Dale Myers embarked on a 10-year project[75] to completely render the events of November 22 in 3D computer animation. His results were shown as part of ABC’s documentary The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy in 2003, and won an Emmy award.

            To render his animation, Myers took photographs, home footage, blueprints and plans, and attempted to use them to create an accurate computer reenactment of the assassination. His work was assessed by Z-Axis who have been involved in producing computer generated animations of events, processes and concepts for major litigations in the United States and Europe.

            Their assessment concluded that Myers’ animation allowed the assassination sequence to be viewed “from any point of view with absolute geometric integrity” and that they “believe that the thoroughness and detail incorporated into his work is well beyond that required to present a fair and accurate depiction.”[76]

            Myers’ animation found that the bullet wounds were consistent with JFK’s and Governor Connally’s positions at the time of shooting, and that by following the bullet’s trajectory backwards it could be found to have originated from a narrow cone including only a few windows of the sixth floor of the School Book Depository, one of which was the sniper’s nest of boxes from which the rifle barrel had been seen protruding by witnesses.”


            I am amazed at the continued refusal of many to accept the many official investigations that never wavers on the fact that Oswald was the shooter.

        • You assume there was exactly one shooter. I agree Oswald shot Connally, but doubt he also shot JFK. I also doubt Oswald knew of the other shooter.

          • sunsettommy says:

            I didn’t assume anything.

            I post a lot of investigative evidence,which you have yet to address. There has NEVER been credible evidence of a second shooter provided with actual evidence that can be investigated.

            You provide unsupported opinions,nothing more.

            This is quickly a one sided debate since I go with the evidence,while you go with opinions.

            I notice that each decade goes by,more and more detailed research shows that keeps supporting the initial conclusions that Oswald was the only shooter and the evidence ACTUALLY collected shows that it came from only one direction.

      • tonyheller says:

        There is no question JFK was hit by a rifle bullet to the body from behind in frame 227. That is why he was slumping over in frame 312.

        The kill shot was from the front right in frame 313.

        • Inclined as I am to agree with Tony, the throat shot is nearly level no matter which way you assume the bullet was going. Either way, the shooter had to be somewhere other than 6 floors up shooting downward at someone a sidewalk, street and island loop away. When was the last time you saw a contextual photo like mine? Level with and 45º from are two very different pieces of forensic data.

  3. boo says:

    frame 312: the first bullet has gone through the windscreen, his throat (and his spine?). Thanks to a famous, known, OAS assassin. Thank you Deep State!

    Then the 2nd bullet hits. The ‘glow’ is most likely light reflecting off wet stuff.
    There are other bright spots in the same frames, so unless you’ve run some other kind of analysis, reflected light makes for a better explanation.

    Shrug. But hey, I wouldn’t trust anything: the CIA loves tampering, and they do whatever they want without actual oversight. Its been far too long: the citizens of the USA didn’t care to know, and now their descendants won’t ever know either.

    • tonyheller says:

      The glow is luminescent and much brighter than anything else in the scene. It appears to me to be a light source. Blood is dark and red, not bright white.

      • Here is a photo of that sinuous part of Elm Street from the overpass.
        The sun was high and on the other side of the limo. Some argue that the white is a concave piece of cranium or scalp reflecting the sun. As for the throat shot when the limo was closest to the Book Depository. Would not the path from behind have been from high to low, like Connally’s wounds? If shot from the overpass, the trajectory could be slightly below level and the cushion have flexed the President forward on rebound, no?

        • sunsettommy says:

          Hank, you keep ignoring the forensic evidence…………, that shows ALL three shots came from the Window where Oswald and his rifle was at.

          • Where is it? The window is 60′ up, those streets 40′ wide. Both wounds on the President’s back and throat are about level with each other. The throat shot would have to have been close to 45º downward if from the 6th floor, no? Connally’s wounds occured much farther down Elm, yet entry at armpit level, exit hits wrist near patella. What kind of forensics disregards ordinary geometry?

          • sunsettommy says:

            He he, I posted the evidence,……… several times, you ignored it.

            That is why you run around in circles.

      • Gamecock says:

        The man in front of Jack has the same damn glow in frames 314-316.

        No magic here, folks.

  4. richard says:

    Based on this I would say we are seeing an exit wound-

    Exit Wounds
    Exit wounds – as we have already mentioned – are usually larger than the entrance wound and this is because as the round moves through the body of the victim it slows down and explodes within the tissue and surrounding muscle. This slowing down of the projectile means that as it reaches the end of its trajectory it has to force harder to push through. This equates to the exit wound normally looking larger and considerably more destructive than its pre-cursor – the entrance wound.
    Exit wounds will often bleed profusely as they are larger but entrance wounds can sometimes look only like small holes – unless the weapon is fired at close proximity to the victim.

    • richard says:

      Q. Was it also possible that the backward movement of the body at that point was purely a neuromuscular response.

      A. It was a neuromuscular response activated by the destruction of the centers.

      Q. You are talking about the nerve centers?

      A. The nerve centers.

      I’ve seen rats and rabbits shot in the head do weird things shot in the head, there again they are rats and rabbits.

      • tonyheller says:

        Conservation of momentum denier! Bullets have a huge amount of momentum. Your attempt to make it disappear is fascinating.

        • richard says:

          Q. Was it also possible that the backward movement of the body at that point was purely a neuromuscular response.

          A. It was a neuromuscular response activated by the destruction of the centers.

          Q. You are talking about the nerve centers?

          A. The nerve centers.

          Excerpts from testimony of Alfred G. Olivier, DVM to Rockefeller Commission, April 18, 1975. Transcript of testimony taken beginning at page 21 of the testimony. Dr. Olivier, (A.) a wound ballistics scientist, is being questioned by Robert Olsen. (Q.)

          Tony, are you a ballsitics expert ?

          • richard says:

            ballsitics- not intentional!

          • richard says:


            This opinion was echoed by Charles S. Petty, the longtime medical examiner of Dallas County, Texas, ranked by his peers as the “Quintessential Forensic Pathologist,” who served on the Forensic Pathology Panel of the House Select Committee that reinvestigated the JFK assassination in the 1970s, and who testified in the 1986 London Weekend Television mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald. When questioned at the mock trial by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, Petty testified that the head snap could not have been due to a shot from the front: “Because the head is too heavy, there is too much muscular resistance to movement.”

            “So the killings that people see on television and in the movies, which is the only type of killings most people ever see,” asked Bugliosi, “where the person struck by the bullet very frequently, visibly, and dramatically is propelled backward by the force of the bullets, that’s not what actually happens in life when a bullet hits a human being?”

            “No, of course not,” replied Petty.

          • richard says:

            Another prominent conspiracy theorist, David Mantik, who has been championed as “the most qualified student to ever study the death of JFK” by outspoken conspiracy theory advocate James Fetzer,(4) succinctly states, “I do not believe that a frontal shot, with any reasonable sized rifle or bullet, could produce the observed head snap — too much energy is required.”(5)
            Then what is responsible for the head snap?

            In the LWT mock trial of Oswald, Dr. Petty explained it this way: “The head snap to the rear, in the view of the panel, was that this was an automatic, involuntary reaction on the part of the President’s nerves and muscles. There was a blast inside the head, the nerves were fired off, and the muscles were set into action. The muscles in the back are stronger than the muscles in the front and so therefore the head moved backward.”

            Professor Ken Rahn of the University of Rhode Island affirms the validity of the panel’s analysis, and offers this detailed analysis of the head snap:

            This complex motion can be viewed as containing three components. The first is Mrs. Kennedy’s, in which she pulls, no doubt reflexively, away from her husband’s exploding head by recoiling backward (while straightening up) and to her left. The second is of Mr. Kennedy’s right arm and shoulder, which lift upward as his trunk rotates counterclockwise (leftward) about his hip, while his upper torso is moving backward and to his left. This motion continues until his left arm appears to hit the rear seat in about 319, after which he bounces forward. Third is his head, which moves back steadily from 313 to about 320 or 321 (one or two frames after his torso has begun to move forward), all the while rotating counterclockwise faster than his upper torso, until by about 321 we are given a nearly direct view of the rear of his head, which incidentally shows no evidence of the massive blowout so often claimed from the reports of the Parkland medical personnel. The visible damage is clearly to the right occipitoparietal area of the head, or very roughly in the upper part of the right rear half of the head (just where the autopsy physicians placed it). In no way is the damage centered in the rear of the head [as some conspiracy-oriented researchers claim].
            The key point here is that this complex rearward movement is not compatible with a direct hit of a bullet from the right front. The head does not snap backward rapidly the way it snapped forward, even though it was perfectly free to do so. Rather the head starts moving backward slowly and gains momentum over several frames. There is no cloud of brain matter to the rear as there was to the front. There is no damage to the left hemisphere of his brain, as there would have to be with a hit from the right. There is no cone of tiny fragments going from right to left in the brain, and no exit wound on the left side. No, the rearward motion was of JFK’s entire upper torso, with the head just moving along with the neck. It is a vicious recoil of sorts from the exploding right side of his head. Such a movement could have been caused by a mechanical recoil from the particles that exploded frontward out of his head (the so-called “jet effect”), by some sort of neurological reaction (sometimes called a “neuromuscular spasm”), or a combination of both. The available data strongly suggest that it was indeed a combination of effects, whose detailed contributions will probably never be known with certainty.

          • tonyheller says:

            What a bunch of BS, Richard.

          • richard says:


            I’m sorry y0u think so.

            It seems the whole event has been put to the test from ballistic experts and the results indicate you are wrong.

            As they say, real life gunshots are not like Hollywood movies.

          • richard says:

            “What a bunch of BS, Richard”
            Im sure it made you feel better.

          • richard says:

            “So that’s why when most people encounter a stimulus, their first reaction is to jerk their head back and down and to compress their shoulders. These muscles are the strongest. When they are activated by the brain, they automatically contract’

          • sunsettommy says:

            Richard, what is your source for the head snap discussion?

          • richard says:

            “Richard, what is your source for the head snap discussion?”

            Based on the above I think it needs discussion not snippy – “What a bunch of BS”

            It is interesting.

          • Louis Hooffstetter says:

            Simple question:
            How did this round nose lead bullet:
            cause the explosion of the president’s head seen in frame 313 of the Zapruder film?

          • Louis Hooffstetter says:

            I’d like to hear from hunters.

            Has anyone seen a head shot of a deer, elk, moose, hog, bear, or whatever, produce an explosion like the one seen in frame 313 of the Zapruder film, when the round was a traditional round nosed lead slug?

          • Squidly says:

            Louis, I have often wondered the same. In my own experience, such a projectile does not fragment much. If you look at pictures of similar projectile after impact into a variety of materials, most often the projectile is almost 100% intact and not malformed to much degree (generally slightly bent).

            To me, through all of the videos and pictures I have see of this incident, it just not seem to match up with common sense. I have shot a lot of firearms in my time, at a whole lot of different types of targets (live and inanimate). I have never witnessed or experienced the characteristics that the so-called “scientists” of the various commissions have theorized.

            A very close friend of mine, who I grew up with and who has been a gunsmith and machinist since Jr. High School, is in disbelief of the “official” stories surrounding this case. He has a tremendous amount of practical experience with firearms, their designs, their effects, etc… He has written volumes on these subjects. He tells me there is no way Kennedy’s head could have displayed that behavior from that particular type of round being shot from behind. He believes if such a thing were true, Kennedy’s head would have been violently forced right into the seatback in front of him .. instantly. My friend is very familiar with the alleged rifle that was used and particularly the type and effects of ammunition the was purportedly used. He is inclined to believe more along the lines of what Tony is suggesting.

  5. Tony approximates my take on the assassination. Bullets transfer momentum and kinetic energy. I witnessed a deer shot in the head at 75 yards. When we turned it over, the haunch on the far size was bloodied. The deer’s head impelled by the round had spun it to smack up against the hindquarter before the neck rebounded faster than any of three witnesses could see it happen. Another deer was picked up and hurled several feet before rolling to a halt about 5 paces beyond where it had been standing. The curve in Elm street pointed the limo almost directly toward the South abutment of the rail bridge, near parked cars and concrete structures. A sniper there would have the sun at his back, and Oswald gunning for Connally as a handy distraction.

    • dave1billion says:

      Given a 100 lb deer (a small white tail deer), shot by the same Carcano round that is being discussed, my quick calculations result in the deer carcass being imparted a momentum of less than 0.2 meters per second.

      The more likely explanation is a quick reflexive jump (instinctively avoiding a pouncing predator) . Which actually bolster’s Richard’s muscle spasm argument.

      Of course, JFK’s head weighed substantially less, but the bullet didn’t lodge in his skull, so much of the momentum would have remained with the bullet or have been transferred to ejected material such as bone fragments.

  6. Gamecock says:

    What difference at this point does it make?

    He’s still dead.

    • sunsettommy says:


      It is why I don’t stick around this “who did it”,argument for long anymore. It has been figured out to the point of bore.

      • Anyone who can’t solve a right triangle will be happier in some other field of endeavor besides ballistics.

        • sunsettommy says:

          What I notice is that you and others here,COMPLETELY ignore the official investigations,which were done by credible people who have the expertise to make their finding based on the evidence presented.

          I posted a number of actual investigations with sources to them,that using actual evidence,make clear it was from the Window of the building. That the bullets and the Rifle were fully connected,they were found at the that SAME window area, the two bullets in the car were matched to the Rifle Oswald used,the third bullet fragment from the concrete was also matched to that same rifle using special equipment.

          There were witnesses who pointed out the window right after the murder,with photos showing a number of people POINTING at the very window,where the rifle and casings were found.

          The Ballistics from the window to the car are well explained using simple equipment in 1964 to the fully computerized simulations in 2003,based on the forensic evidence,that conclusively showed that the three shots were indeed from the window.

          I posted it earlier in the thread,which you and others completely ignored.

          “In 1993 computer animator Dale Myers embarked on a 10-year project[75] to completely render the events of November 22 in 3D computer animation. His results were shown as part of ABC’s documentary The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy in 2003, and won an Emmy award.

          To render his animation, Myers took photographs, home footage, blueprints and plans, and attempted to use them to create an accurate computer reenactment of the assassination. His work was assessed by Z-Axis who have been involved in producing computer generated animations of events, processes and concepts for major litigations in the United States and Europe.

          Their assessment concluded that Myers’ animation allowed the assassination sequence to be viewed “from any point of view with absolute geometric integrity” and that they “believe that the thoroughness and detail incorporated into his work is well beyond that required to present a fair and accurate depiction.”[76]

          Myers’ animation found that the bullet wounds were consistent with JFK’s and Governor Connally’s positions at the time of shooting, and that by following the bullet’s trajectory backwards it could be found to have originated from a narrow cone including only a few windows of the sixth floor of the School Book Depository, one of which was the sniper’s nest of boxes from which the rifle barrel had been seen protruding by witnesses.”

          Your unsubstantiated opinions are not working well for you.

          • menicholas says:

            “which were done by credible people who have the expertise to make their finding based on the evidence presented.”
            Where have I heard this before?
            Oh, yeah…from the warmistas we know for a fact are lying and full of shit.

  7. Ulric Lyons says:

    Frames 314 and 315 looks like a pistol barrel pointing at him from someone in the front. On frame 315, it’s directly right of the red circle, and directly below the middle of the 3 and the 1 on the 315 label.

    • menicholas says:

      I am looking and looking and do not see what you are saying you see.
      But it sounds like you say you see his driver shooting him with a pistol.
      Recall that there is a whole car full of SS directly behind JFK looking forward at the President.

    • menicholas says:

      Also, the governors wife is there, and no muzzle flash is visible.
      The driver is actually several feet further to the right.

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    there will be questions on dating sites furthermore encounters, intimacies, religion, and nation-wide politics. You add have to answer each of them need to unsafe not have certain things market (exactly like i’d sure imagine that whether you’ll 420 helpful an individual). But if more requests users explanation, so much the better internet websites can teach you who’s find each other attractive causes.

    fundamentally a site since Match or else OKCupid will most likely calculate the quantity of what will the shape aligns with the man as well as you delivered good fights. don’t or perhaps may want to talk to any sexual, still minimally a person understand you have somethings in accordance.

    4. don select What You truly want!a couple of moms arrive disappointed with international dating then vent in his or her pages in the region of our bad men readily available (grown-up accomplish this to). it is a big number!

    I realize you should make it clear anything you not considering (a huge work out center rt, every hookup), But you more fortunate when you focus on what you want so you can win in which. That the power of advantageous convinced that I cited when i mentioned to want of characteristics want in some guy, casually?

    web page an internet dating personal demonstration of all you shouldn set up in the one you have:

    If you just gonna swipe acquiring research this is my link, in that case move on. I not ever searching for a guy just who will start a conversations that have actually prove a bunch of ba,s, adult men!

    I get may possibly be irked with to eliminate attempting to discover mr. authority, on the other hand put on want to come off as frustrated then reasonably competitive, prevent an irs?

    5. create content hobby sentences

    this situation previously been a time when graduating native english speakers, So you may possibly not sense that your writing skills are typically whilst bright perfect now. Add to that even though our favor covers were huge rapid, and no boy will most likely want to read a retaining wall of textual content rrn your shape.

    on the other hand, split this article on rapid sentences so they really all to easy to process. possibly you have on top ofe :

    things you like (drink, sushi, measurement)things you done (ascend Everest, began a corporation)something you need (the relationship, gentleman without having guys)at this site another uniform dating concern sample to aid you to write any:.

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