A Reminder Of How Far We Have Come

Last year, Obama’s Secretary of State wanted to ban air conditioning, because he thought the weather was getting too hot.

Republicans like Mitt Romney, John McCain and George Bush did everything they could to keep these people in power.

Thank God for Donald Trump.

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31 Responses to A Reminder Of How Far We Have Come

  1. Scott Allen says:

    Just in case you forgot Al Gore (Bill Clinton jr.) was accused by 3 different women of sex crimes. What is it with liberal men, just because Bill Clinton got away with it????

    • arn says:

      Nothing new-
      it’s climate science methods all over again.

      They started the global cooling scare-and got away with it.

      Then they turned it into global warming-and got away with it.

      Then they failed with predictions -and got away
      with it,and still do.

      Then there was climate gate 1&2-and they got away with it and they know they will with part three.

      Obamas reign was 8 years full of scandals and nothing ever happened to him.
      Hitlery should be in prison now,for at least the next 20 years-she”s free as a bird.

      When you belong to a group which is above the law and you can get away with every crime you will keep on doing this kind of stuff and try to do what your idols have done.

      What we have here is total corruption by design because-
      if you want to destroy a system/country from within you must attract the lowest forms of lowlifes,throw tons of money&power at them,put them into top positions and allow them to do what they want-
      that’s the way how you corruppt people.
      And when you controle the MSM you can even implement extremly bizarr double-standards((eg. permanently attacking Trump for being a racist for absolutely non-racist issues,while Hilary Clinton can call black people sexual predators and noone care))

      • menicholas says:

        I think being worried about global cooling is far more rational and was not based on politics, but on a substantial cooling trend and the knowledge that the LIA was very harmful…on top of the fact that the present interglacial is about as old as the last four have lasted.

        • arn says:

          global cooling was indeed far more rational as
          a) it was not a co2 world wide tax vehicle

          b) a decrease in average temperatures by 2 degrees will do much more harm than an increase of 2 degrease.
          As lower temperatures=less plant growth=less food.

          less energy in our atmophere=less evaporation=less rain=more heating energy needed=more ice will be.
          More ice=water surface shrinks=Evaporation will decrease even more=it’ll get drier..

      • Russ Wood says:

        You can also see an example in the ‘kleptocracy’ that South Africa has become. People see that the powerful elite can get away with anything, so an attitude of “why shouldn’t I?” is becoming general. It shows from bad driving up to billion Rand thefts from state enterprises.
        Mind you, we still have SOME honest, enquiring MSM, even if the monopoly broadcaster is an element of the ruling ANC.

        • arn says:

          I heard several things about the corruption of the ANC and that they still get voted.No matter what they do.
          But i’m not surprised as i know that Nelson Mandelas wife already was a criminal,corruppt bitch.

          The real problem for south africa is that zimbabwe is already a failed state(mugabes cronies&IMF turned the country into a shithole) and those zimbabwen refugees are about to drag down south africa to zimbabwe levels.
          In combination with the corrupt ANC South Africa will soon struggle to keep civilization alive in her country .

  2. R. Shearer says:

    Nothing would scare me more than some guy pushing a refrigerator through the security line at the airport.

  3. Kris Johanson says:

    There is a definite power shift taking place now. Some of these RINO senators are leaving and none too soon in my opinion. And… apparently Sen. Grassley from Iowa is pushing through Trump’s judicial nominees at a record pace, and these are Constitution-minded people from what I’ve read. Open-ended welfare is next in the crosshairs. Many good things are happening vis-a-vis emptying the swamp in my opinion

    • RAH says:

      Grassley was no ally of Trump but he certainly is not a RINO of the McCain or McConnell stripe either. He is doing all he can to get the Presidents nominees through as quickly as possible. It is important that the Trump administration broadcast these successes to the conservative voters because it is hard to over emphasis just how important it is for Republicans to hold a majority in the Senate so that this can continue. So when election time comes and in some states there are RINOs as the Republican nominee that has won the primary, conservatives would be wise to hold their nose and vote for him/her in the general election no matter how much they don’t like them.

      • menicholas says:

        It will be difficult for Rs to lose their senate majority.
        What we should be focused on is gaining enough seats for a supermajority.

        • RAH says:

          I wish I had your confidence.

          I realize that the Democrats have 23 seats up and the Republicans only 8. Then there are two “independents” that caucus with the Democrats.

          But the RINOs have been doing great damage this year by failing to make promised changes in about every single major issue. And of course there is history. The party of the newly elected POTUS virtually always takes a drubbing in the following midterms.

          • menicholas says:

            ” Democrats have 23 seats up and the Republicans only 8.”
            But, it is not just the numbers that stack up very favorably for Republicans, it is the specifics.
            I have to review it because my memory is a little fuzzy, having last had a careful look Earlier this year, but the Rs have almost no seats up for grabs in places that went to Hillary last year, but the Rs have a bunch of seats up for grabs that went to Trump last fall…and a lot of them were really lopsided.
            There are people like Claire McCaskill who will have to defend her seat in Missouri.
            Ok, just checked.
            Ds have seats up for re-election in Montana, North Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Florida, all places Trump won, and a lot of them were by double digits, although a few were close ones.
            On the contrary, only in Nevada is a R seat up for grabs in a state Hillary won.
            And Nevada is a close state, and Harry Reid may not be able to do what he was able to in the past.
            If the Rs win every place Trump won, and lose where he lost, we pick up 9 seats.
            I like them odds.

          • menicholas says:

            There is also a chance for a gain in Virginia, Maine, Nevada, and New Jersey.
            The only reason I see to be worried is that historical tendency you noted. But it is not absolute. And it has been a long time since Ds took seats from Rs in most of these places.
            It is hard to know what is going to happen in local races in places where one does not live…I would not give a nickel for poll results at this point…they are not weeding out people that do not vote, so the numbers are not a bit reliable.
            For several election cycles in a row, pollsters have underestimated the R vote my a parge amount.
            I do not see many Independents voting for the far left crap on the Democrat agenda.
            And the MSM and social media are doing a great job of keeping it fresh on everyone’s
            mind what sort of people the Ds have become.

        • menicholas says:

          Yes, and the lack of action by congress is reprehensible.
          I am hoping a bunch of people get primaried.
          But look what the Ds are doing…busily going further and further out into left field.
          I personally know of exactly no one who is going to reverse their vote next year.
          We may lose some house seats…maybe.
          The thing is, the demographics are very much in the favor of republicans in most places.
          The Ds have a few very high concentrations of people…everything else is Red.
          I do not think anyone has forgotten what the past 8 years have been like, and the Ds are only digging their same hole ever deeper.
          Still, I only said it would be difficult, not impossible.
          That is why anyone who still cares must be active in helping to get out the voters.

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    Actually, Kerry didn’t say that. https://www.snopes.com/2016/07/27/john-kerry-didnt-say-refrigerators-and-air-conditioners-are-as-dangerous-as-isis/

    But he did say climate change was “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction” https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/16/john-kerry-climate-change_n_4798963.html.

    He’s still an idiot.

    Then there is the Iran nuke deal, worse deal in history, front-loaded with benefits to Iran, and back loaded with unenforceable provisions.

    • Extreme Hiatus says:

      That Snopes spin is just covering for this idiot.

      The Purple-hearted gigolo said that ‘batting’ climate change was as important as battling ISIS.

      Then he went on (and on) about climate change, and somehow brought HFCs into it. Then he mentioned the use of HFCs in air conditioners and fridges.

      Snopes excitedly points out that this mention was ‘a few paragraphs later. So what? He implied that these evil appliances were causing climate change, and he said climate change was as important as ISIS. So, as weasels like Kerry are prone to do he made that connection without saying it directly and Snopes happily provided the ‘official’ cover. I’m sure he hoped that his audience would make that connection because it is very, very scary… apparently.

      Snopes is like RealClimate or CNN.

      • menicholas says:

        Considering how completely liberals slander and misrepresent and twist anything conservatives say, interpreting his remarks as Tony did is no misrepresentation.
        According to their own logic, the meme attributed to Kerry is an accurate statement.

    • menicholas says:

      If you quote Snopes to “fact check” anything, you are not going to find out anything useful or authoritative.
      If you use it to fact check anything which might make a democrat or liberal look bad or be cast in a bad light, you ought to know you will get lies, not facts.
      Snopes is arguably the least objective source of information on the interwebs.
      Huff post is just as bad as far as opinions go, although if you are looking for left wing propaganda, they are a rich vein of it.
      Using either to try to set the record straight is clueless…in case you were not aware of that.

      • RAH says:

        In my book Snopes is politically biased.

        I strongly believe that “fact checkers” were created to bolster the legacy medias waning credibility. If the “news” media were doing their jobs and truly upholding journalistic standards there would be no market in the political realm for “fact checkers”.

  5. gallopingcamel says:

    Kerry is an Al Gore wannabe.

    Too bad that he is an even bigger pompous ass. I used to think Prince Charles was pompous but Kerry makes Charlie seem almost normal.

    • RAH says:

      Kerry’s character was made evident right off the bat with his introduction to the public scene during his “Winter Soldier” testimony before congress in 1971.

    • Andy DC says:

      We can thank the Founding Fathers and their Electoral College or else we would have had Gore and Hillary in the White House? Maybe Kerry too, with the right amount of vote manipulation. Could you say “game over?”
      Thank you Mr. Madison and Mr. Jefferson!

      Oh, I’m sorry Madison and Jefferson were white slave holders. Off with their heads and down with their statutes, even if they saved the country 225 years after the fact!

      • RAH says:

        We can also attribute the difficulty in skewing national elections by voter fraud to the electoral college.

        • menicholas says:

          Ds are expert with a long record of voter fraud.
          They do it in a lot of ways, including some old tried and tested ways like good old fashioned ballot box stuffing, but also by the new methods, like making it more than easy for illegals to vote…there is nothing to stop them.
          One or a few cities can swing a whole state.
          I think one of the factors in 2016 was that the Ds believed their own BS and did not go all out on fraud like they could have…they thought they had it wrapped up.
          If you are an R, pay no attention to polls…some people stay home if they think it is a useless vote, but keep in mind that a lot of conservatives simply will not even pick up the phone for pollsters, or stay on the line if they answer, or be inclined to be frank if they do agree to be polled. Somewhere north of 5-8% at least.

          • RAH says:

            An excellent explanation of what I was getting at and the dangers of the left trying to usurp the electoral college.


          • menicholas says:

            I like those Prager videos…very concise.
            Although the ones dealing with climate change give to much ground to Warmista lies.
            As for NPV, after the 2016 election a lot of people who might have gone along with a national popular vote saw why that is a very bad idea.
            State legislators from small states should understand very well why they are voting to take away their own voice in national elections, which makes it a bit of a mystery why any would agree to it.
            But, I do not think, no matter what the method used to select electors, that electors are bound by this…they can vote for who they think they should.
            And a person who wins a state vote wins electors bound to that candidate, and they would the have to vote to undo the will of the voters of that state and their own conscience to back the other party. IOW…I do not think it would work even if they managed to get a majority of states to back this interstate compact…it is basically voting to do away with the reason for the electoral college, and taking away a say in national elections from any but the biggest states.

            I think the following video has a better take on why Democrats will continue to lose:


          • menicholas says:

            And then there is this:

            “In the United States of America, an interstate compact is an agreement between two or more states. Article I, Section 10 of the United States Constitution provides that “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress… enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State.” Consent can be obtained in one of three ways. First, there can be a model compact and Congress can grant automatic approval for any state wishing to join it, such as the Driver License Compact. Second, states can submit a compact to Congress prior to entering into the compact. Third, states can agree to a compact then submit it to Congress for approval, which, if it does so, causes it to come into effect. Not all compacts between states require explicit Congressional approval – the Supreme Court ruled in Virginia v. Tennessee that only those agreements which would increase the power of states at the expense of the federal government required it.”


  6. feathers says:

    I live in Northern VA. What happened here during our election scared the hell out of me. We have a party that isn’t even hiding the fact their against the American people and Virginia overwhelmingly voted them in??? We literally have cities across the US that are using tax-payer funds to sue the government so they can break federal law and continue to harbor illegal aliens…and Virginia overwhelmingly voted them in???

    Democrats literally spent 100% of their time on people here illegally and 0% on its actual citizens – and Virginia voted them in office overwhelmingly???

    Meanwhile, Trump has already added over 1-million jobs to the economy and the stock market is 22% higher than the day he was elected. N. Korea is shaking in their boots for the first time in 30+ years, ISIS territory is gone, and the international community has stopped playing us for a fool. Yet Virginia overwhelmingly voted the democrats in???

    This is the power of the MSM, I hate to admit it but what else could it be?

    I’m not feeling good about 2018.

    • Andy DC says:

      I don’t think Virginia is typical with a huge amount of the swamp located there and the massive influx of illegals having settled in VA during the last five years.

      I had my Thanksgiving dinner in VA with our usual crowd of liberal swamp dwellers. I just go with my Republican friend to keep his safe. As usual, the average net wealth there is about ten times mine, thanks to tax dollars from working people like you that finance their swamp. No talk about anything they do, just about their fancy cruises and expensive cars.

      Quite a bit of talk about new luxury condos going vacant. Maybe a good sign that the swamp is about to be drained. More likely about the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, about to get swamped even more!

      • feathers says:

        I was not at all surprised with the blowout margins of the DC suburbs; however, VA. Beach, Suffolk, and Chesapeake going blue was surprising. Even counties like Surry, Sussex, Greenville, and Brunswick were blue. I hate to say it but the MSM notched those victories. These locations should have been red.

        • menicholas says:

          The state is run by notorious fraudsters.
          I would not bet a nickel on a fair vote in a place like that, especially when the whole machinery of the Ds can focus on one place.
          It will be a far different story in other states.
          Keep in mind VA has not voted Red in a long time.

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