Before Trenberth, NCAR Did Actual Climate Science – Based On The Sun

Before Kevin Trenberth wrecked NCAR’s reputation with his junk climate science, NCAR was lead by Walter Orr Roberts – who did actual climate science.

In 1973, Roberts predicted a drought based on sunspot cycles.

27 Sep 1973, Page 38 – El Paso Herald-Post at

The drought occurred, exactly as he predicted.


The summer of 1976 was the warmest and driest on record in England.

29 Aug 1976, Page 11 – Statesman Journal at

By 1977, California was experiencing their worst drought on record.

TimesMachine: March 8, 1977 –

Roberts’ climate forecasts were golden, and unlike Trenberth, Roberts released actual temperature data – measured by actual thermometers.

21 Jul 1974, 13 – The Des Moines Register at

In 1951, Roberts discovered a critical relationship between solar activity and climate.


Roberts’ solar studies were a key part of allied success during WWII, because he was able to predict when German and Japanese communications would be disrupted by solar flares.

13 Feb 1946 – The Coronagraph – Trove

Sadly, Roberts memory has been disrespected by allowing junk scientist Kerry Emanuel to speak at the Walter Orr Roberts lecture in Boulder this year. The graph below is his fake CO2 based hurricane forecast.

Climate science has been completely wrecked by incompetent hacks like Gore, Hansen, Trenberth, Schmidt, Mann and Hayhoe.

15 Oct 1997, Page 5 – The Daily Journal at

But in the past there were actual climate scientists doing actual science.

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8 Responses to Before Trenberth, NCAR Did Actual Climate Science – Based On The Sun

  1. Chris says:

    I just have to say thanks for everything you do.

  2. arn says:

    Well- many cultures in history of mankind worshipped the sun in one way
    or another,as even the most primitive societies were very well aware about the impact the sun has on this planets life.
    The only people who are not aware of this impact are modern climate scientist.

    Result: today we have thousands and thousands more scientists than 40 year ago and a million time more computerpower but the predictions have been better in the 70ies.
    Such anachronistical things are result when you systematically replace real scientists with sociophantic agenda faggots who all say the same and think the same and where facts which contradict their religious beliefs are not allowed to exist.

    (btw-interessting to see that even during a strong global cooling period some regions got very dry and hot summers like the one in England 1976= even at that time it was possible to pretend global warming as a fact//
    or demonise people as paranoid/tinfoil hat/conspiracy theorists etc who were not buying the global cooling scare)

  3. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Kerry Emanuel is to Bill Gray as a public defender is to Johnny Cochran.

  4. TimA says:

    “Gore, Hansen, Trenberth, Schmidt, Mann and Hayhoe.“
    I see Bill “the science guy” is such a faker that he doesn’t even deserve a mention on the hall of shame membership….that’s getting awfully low….

  5. Ulric Lyons says:

    Predicting a 20-22 year repeat of U.S. dustbowl conditions during a cold AMO in the 1970’s isn’t particularly rational. 1975-1976 was during strong solar wind conditions, as was the 2003 Europe heatwave. And they both occurred at the same type of heliocentric Jovian configurations, as did the hot years in Europe of 1948-49 and 1933-34.

  6. AndyG55 says:

    On WUWT, Nick Stokes has confirmed that he hasn’t got a clue about the quality of station data, and really couldn’t give a stuff..

    ..but still thinks he get accurate results.. ROFLMAO

    The guy is moronic, anti-science putz !!

  7. Mohatdebos says:

    From Wikipdea: “In a relatively minor work, “Commercial Crises and Sun-Spots”,[8] Jevons analyzed business cycles, proposing that crises in the economy might not be random events, but might be based on discernible prior causes. To clarify the concept, he presented a statistical study relating business cycles with sunspots. His reasoning was that sunspots affected the weather, which, in turn, affected crops. Crop changes could then be expected to cause economic changes. Subsequent studies have found that sunny weather has a small but significant positive impact on stock returns, probably due to its impact on traders’ moods.[9].” Stanley Jevons wrote this in 1878.


    Global Warming is Dead

    The argument about global warming has morphed into climate change. This
    subtle shift was necessary because the warming as evidenced by satellite
    measurements has stopped since 1998, even while CO2 concentrations have
    continued to increase. It has become increasingly obvious CO2 is not
    driving the warming, the climate, or anything else.

    The hysteria about melting ice caps, sea level rise, stronger storms,
    droughts, floods, forest fires, etc., has not materialized:
    * ice continues to accumulate at record levels in the Antarctic wherein
    lies 90% of the world’s ice inventory. Meanwhile, the Arctic Ice Cap
    has survived decades of predictions of its demise.
    * sea level rise according to Nils-Axil Morner, the world’s leading
    authority on sea level change, has not changed at all.
    * annual accumulated cyclonic energy is at historical lows, as are the
    overall number and strength of hurricanes and tornadoes.
    * Droughts and floods continue their march in tune with oceanic
    oscillations, such as, La Ninas and the Indian Ocean Dipole.
    * Forest fire activity remains at the mercy of lightning strikes,
    underbrush stockpiles and interference with nature by humans.

    Climate Change has no Evidence

    There is not one piece of empirical evidence linking human activities to
    the climate – NOT ONE. The only arguments for climate change are
    anecdotes, computer projections, Hockey Sticks, and consensus.
    * Anecdotes are short, obscure historical or biographical accounts.
    Anecdotes cannot be traced to one another or anything else. Anecdotes
    are not proof.
    * Computer projections are Ludic fallacies based on dubious initial
    conditions. The computer projections have failed, because their only
    input is greenhouse gases. Computer projections are not proof.
    * Hockey Sticks are the cobbling together of two unrelated proxy data
    sets. These FrankenGraphs, which would have received an “F” in JHS
    science class 50 years ago, are incredibly embraced by many scientists
    today. Hockey Sticks are artificial fabrications, not proof.
    * Consensus is an opinion or position reached by a group as a whole.
    Millennia and centuries ago the consensus believed the Earth was the
    center of the Universe and Solar System. Consensus is not proof.

    To the contrary, there is abundant evidence proving the climate has
    changed often and sometimes violently, all without any human influence.

    The Historical Temperature Record

    For the last 600,000,000 years temperatures have hovered around 12C
    about 14% of the time, around 22C about 50% of the time, and somewhere
    in between 36% of the time. Right now we are at 14.5C, about 25% above
    the bottom of the historical range. (Ref: Dr. Christopher R. Scotese‘s
    PALEOMAP Project at We are no
    where near any temperature tipping point.

    The 0.4C rise in temperature since the Industrial Revolution (IR) pales
    in comparison to the 1.6C increase of the Medieval Warming Period (WP),
    the 2.5C increase of the Roman WP, and the 3.2C increase of the Minoan
    WP using the IR as a baseline. The average temperature has been
    declining for the last 6,000 years. (Alley, R.B. 2000, The Younger
    Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland, Quaternary Science
    Reviews, 19:213-226.) We are at the very end of the present 10,500 year
    old Interglacial WP. After this comes about 90,000 years of snow, ice,
    advancing glaciers and incredible loss of life. Enjoy the warmth while
    you can.

    The Recent Temperature Record

    The temperature data for the last 100 years has been twisted and
    contorted by scientists to comply with the global warming agenda. Under
    the guise of ‘homogenizing’ data sets, NOAA has chopped off the cooler
    temperatures of the late 1800s, thus making trends afterwards look
    warmer. Also, the percentage of fake temperature measurement stations
    since 1993 has increased from 5% to 43%, over an 800% increase. A new
    fake station was created in Africa which helped conclude that 2016 was
    the warmest year ever. This fake science from fake data has created an
    ever-increasing temperature record, when the satellite data says since
    1998 there has been no warming at all.

    The Historical CO2 Record

    About 550,000,000 years ago CO2 was 7,000 ppm and has wound it‘s way
    down to where it is today, near it’s historic low (Berner, R.A. and Z.
    Kothavala, 2001. GEOCARB III: A Revised Model of Atmospheric CO2 over
    Phanerozoic Time, American Journal of Science, v.301, pp.182-204,
    February 2001.) Below 100 ppm photosynthesis ceases. We are very close
    to the tipping point of Earth turning into a lifeless snowball with too
    little CO2 for plants to reproduce. On the other hand, plants thrive in
    nurseries kept at CO2 concentrations of 1,000 ppm. Thanks to recent CO2
    increases, vegetation has increased 11% in arid areas of the world.

    The Recent CO2 Record

    The famous Mauna Loa CO2 measurements began in 1958, coincidentally at a
    historic low CO2 level of 315 ppm. In 1942 and again in 1822 CO2 was
    440 ppm, 40 ppm higher than today. (Ernst-Georg Beck, 180 Years of
    Atmospheric CO2 Gas Analysis By Chemical Methods, Energy & Environment,
    Volume 18 No. 2, 2007, Fig. 2).

    For the last 1400 years there have been 6 distinctive cycles of CO2
    concentration as registered in plant leaf stomata proxy data. Each
    cycle is about 230 years in duration with a 300 ppm minimum and 400 ppm
    maximum. As of 2016 400 ppm was reached, the top of the cycle. If
    history repeats, expect this deVries cycle to reverse and produce lower
    CO2 readings over the next 115 or so years.

    To say we are nearing runaway, irreversible global warming due to recent
    paltry CO2 increases is ludicrous.

    Temperatures and Fossil Fuel Use

    For the last 150 years there has not always been a correlation between
    fossil fuel use and temperature. Between 1940 and 1970 while CO2
    increased, fossil fuel use leveled off and slightly decreased.
    (Klyashtorin and Lyubushim, Energy & Environment, Vol 14, No 6, Fig 1).
    So, for 30 years while less fossil fuel was burned, more CO2 was being
    generated. The question is: how can this be?

    Temperatures and Solar Irradiance

    There have been three global cooling and three global warming periods
    within the last 250 years. These periods all march to the tune of
    changing solar irradiance, not CO2 concentrations. (Douglas V. Hoyt and
    Kenneth H. Schatten, A Discussion of Plausible Solar Irradiance
    Variations, 1700-1992, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 98, No.
    All, Pages 18,895-18,906, November 1, 1993). Isn’t the correlation
    obvious? It’s the Sun, not CO2.

    Greenhouse Gas Effect (GGE)

    Only 3.27% of all CO2 generated comes from man, the other 96.73% comes
    from nature. Only 0.001% of water vapor comes from man; the other
    99.999% comes from nature. Water vapor by a factor of 26 has more of a
    spectral absorption bandwidth or GGE than does CO2. After adding the
    contributions of methane, nitrous oxide, and CFCs it turns out only
    0.28% of the GGE comes from man, the other 99.72% comes from nature. If
    man ceased to exist, the reduction in the GGE would be one part out of
    357, or barely noticeable.

    Planetary Mechanics – THE Driver of Climate Change

    Planetary mechanics is the study of orbiting celestial bodies, including
    changes to the solar system barycenter, spin orbit coupling, and changes
    in angular momentum. It is the very interaction of the motion of the
    planets, Sun and moon which dictate our climate and our weather. This
    isn’t theory. This is astrophysics.

    Jupiter, Venus and Earth are called the Tidal Planets for good reason.
    They control the Sun’s tide and its 11 year sunspot cycle. There are
    many harmonics of this basic 11 year Schwab cycle. There is the 22 year
    Hale magnetic cycle. There is the 44 year Solar Conveyor Belt cycle.
    Every 88 years there is the Gleisberg cycle – an amplitude modulation of
    Schwab cycles. There is the 230 deVries cycle. The 1,440 year Bond or
    Ice Debris Cycle. The 2,200 year Hallstadt Cycle.

    There are numerous other cycles built from combinations of solar, lunar
    and planetary cycles. Every 18 years there is the Lunar Tidal Cycle
    which corresponds to abundance cycles on Earth. About every 60 years
    there is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation cycle, the most powerful
    climate force on the planet.

    Then there is Uranus and Neptune (U-N) with their 178 year orbit beat
    cycle. The Sun also operates in 360 year cycles, a harmonic of the U-N
    cycle. Each 360 year cycle is composed of Regular Oscillations,
    followed by a Grand Solar Maximum, followed by a Grand Solar Minimum.
    This totally predictable 360 year cycle has resulted in the Oort,
    Sporer, Maunder, Dalton and other unnamed Minimums within the past two

    In 2009, we entered the next Grand Solar Minimum – the Landscheidt
    Minimum. This isn’t unfounded speculation. This is traceable,
    predictable planetary mechanics (Duhau and de Jager, The Forthcoming
    Grand Minimum of Solar Activity, Journal of Cosmology, 2010, Vol 8,
    1983-1999). From this point forward be prepared for relentless colder
    winter temperatures which will reach bottom around 2040. Along the way
    there will be ever-increasing fuel scarcity, crop failures, food
    shortages, famines and loss of life of millions. The next Little Ice
    Age has begun. No amount of pithy CO2 increase is going to provide
    enough life-saving warmth.

    Planetary mechanics is the elephant in the room of climate change. The
    planets control the climate of the Sun which, combined with the Moon,
    control the climate on the Earth. CO2 is only a flea on the elephant’s
    ass coming along for the ride.

    Climate Change is Big Business

    The myth of global warming, climate change, climate change catastrophe –
    or whatever they are calling it today – continues, because of the
    trillions of dollars that would be lost and millions of leaf-raking jobs
    eliminated, if this charade were to be exposed.
    * Banks and brokerage houses reap huge commissions from it.
    * Scam artists like Maurice Strong thrive on it, creating schemes like
    carbon trading which suck billions of dollars from consumers’ wallets.
    * Politicians need it to save us from imaginary hobgoblins and to
    justify tax increases to fund largesse programs that garner votes.
    * Scientists keep busy by grazing at the trough of free grant money made
    available, but only if it can be shown that man is the cause.
    * Corporations need it to sell cures for which there is no disease, and
    fatten up their bottom lines.
    * The alternative energy, Green Building and sustainability industries
    came into existence and thrive off of it.
    * The news media needs it to keep the frenzy going, the ratings up, and
    ad revenue coming in.
    * The United Nations needs it to forge its role as the leader in One
    World Governance.
    * Environmentalists, anti-industrialists, and other Communists need it
    in order to cut the legs out from underneath the evil, Capitalist
    United States and level the playing field for the world‘s less
    fortunate nations.

    This is the hideous symbiosis of individuals, groups, businesses and
    governments that need the myth of climate change kept alive for their
    very financial survival. They are not going to go away, so long as they
    can continue to mainline on the juice. It is time to yank the tube out
    of their arms.

    And one last thing: According to ice core records, the CO2 increases
    occur about 800 years AFTER the temperature increases. That is, CO2
    doesn’t cause rising temperatures, rising water temperatures cause CO2
    to gas out of solution from the world’s oceans into the atmosphere. CO2
    is not a driver of climate. CO2 is a passenger.

    Get the facts visit:

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