NASA : Arctic Ice Free And Human Toast By 2018

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9 Responses to NASA : Arctic Ice Free And Human Toast By 2018

  1. lance says:

    ….in other news…the SS Minnow was seen traversing the arctic yesterday with “Skipper” at the helm, and crew were seen sunbathing.

  2. Mike Markham says:

    Truly disgusting. Have you considered going on FB? It is easy to simul-post on multiple platforms and you’d reach even more individuals.

  3. Winnipegboy says:

    Grammatical error.
    There will be Free Ice in the summer of 2018.

  4. RWT says:

    Lance, you mean like these guys?


  5. Kris Johanson says:

    “We’re toast…. This is your last chance”
    The words of a man who is on a “power trip”

  6. R. Shearer says:

    I’ll have some butter and jam please.

  7. Jacob Frank says:

    Come on guys be fair, those dates haven’t been homogenized yet, I’m sure after adjustments to the record you will obviously see the real science says 2028

  8. gregole says:

    Climate scientists with grim warnings? Don’t worry. They are always wrong.

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