November 22, 1963

You will have to excuse me. I’m one of those people who trusts historical records and data more than government propaganda.

22 Nov 1963, Page 1 – Lansing State Journal at

Jack Ruby watched JFK get assassinated | New York Post

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  1. Ruby placed an ad at the paper 2 blocks from the scene at about the time the Air Force 1 was slowing to land at Love Field. This is in Jim Bishop’s book, “The Day Kennedy Was Shot”, and the record of sale of the ad space. Good research.

    • menicholas says:

      There are many videos of eyewitness accounts and various other sorts of information on you tube.
      There is one with a detailed account given of a guy who knew Oswald and worked at the newspaper. He went and watched the Presidential motorcade, and reports that Ruby was hanging around the newspaper office when he left, and when he got back Ruby was there. he assumed Ruby had not left, but Ruby could have easily gone and watched and then gone back.
      In his accounting, this newspaper ad salesman tells a story of Ruby’s actions and words that make it obvious Ruby was being deceptive and not acting normally. Apparently Ruby was at the newspaper office every week to place and pay for ads for his strip joints.
      The account is very credible.
      Before long many people who had knowledge of these events were dead under mysterious circumstances…not uncommon among people who witnessed or had knowledge of the events and/or people involved.
      In fact, as one may know from watching the movie JFK, almost everyone who was known to have had important information of what transpired that day was dead within days, months and years.

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Thanks Tony for digging up the contemporary news accounts about the right-front temple kill shot. With the digitally centered adjustment of the Zapruder film, I don’t see how anyone could continue to believe in the Warren Commission fantasy

    I was too young at the time to have my later-developed skepticism but I’m so glad it eventually became my guiding principle.

    Hope to find a way to share it with younger generations

  3. R. Shearer says:

    What’s up with the statement that a SS agent and Dallas policeman were killed some distance from the assassination?

    • menicholas says:

      Officer Tibbet was killed, and it was blamed on Oswald, although it is hard to reconcile Oswald killing Tibbet with Oswald’s known movements that afternoon.
      No secret service agent was killed…fog of war type misinformation.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Unless video was somehow magically altered, there is no doubt he was shot from the front. The question still is who was behind it. LBJ? The mob? Castro? The CIA? Maybe some combination of those listed?

  5. charles nelson says:

    I’ve posted this before but it’s worth repeating.
    Take a look at images of the staff at Parkland who treated the mortally wounded President…as they describe his wounds. These people were recorded and photographed within hours of the event and they are ALL making the same gesture indicating a large exit wound in the back part of Kennedy’s head.
    How could they ALL be wrong?

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