Photos Delivered

I just mailed all of the photo prints which were requested by donors (that I am aware of.) If you asked for or were expecting a print and I didn’t E-mail a confirmation to you today, please let me know.

It turns out that the whole process is quite expensive. A 13×19 print to the UK is about $50 cost for materials, mailing costs and time. I may have to rethink how I do this.

These photos were some of the favorites so far.

Western Greenland


Santa Fe

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3 Responses to Photos Delivered

  1. Timo Soren says:

    Very nice. Please keep at it.

  2. Sara Hall says:

    I love your wildlife photographs but I’d calculated that the small amount I could afford to donate for a copy of one would almost certainly be eaten up by the incredible postage rates from the US to the UK (Guernsey). VAT would probably also come into it somewhere along the line. The Channel Islands aren’t a tax haven for genuine residents!
    So pleased to see from your recent photograph that you appear to be getting better.

  3. dave1billion says:

    I was unpleasantly surprised a few years back when I wanted to frame some original comic art.

    To do a good job of it, the framing cost more than the art itself.

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