Smoking Gun Of Incompetence At The Warren Commission

“Jerry Ford can’t fart and chew gum at the same time”

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson

I’ve been looking at news reports from 1963 and 1964 and found a smoking gun that the Warren report is garbage.

The grassy knoll is located on the north side of the motorcade, to the right of the motorcade. The White House reported immediately after the shooting that JFK was shot in the right temple. Just before police officers “raced up the grassy knoll.”

“The assassin or assassins were believed to have been standing on a high point of ground that overlooks the Triple Underpass Road”

22 Nov 1963, Page 1 – Battle Creek Enquirer at

That high point is the grassy knoll, on the north (right) side of the motorcade.

Now look at the fakery in the Warren Commission Report. They ignored many eyewitness reports and the police racing up the grassy knoll (north and right) and instead relied on two policeman from the railroad bridge which was to the west and front.

The commission conceded that “many people near the depository” believed shots had come from a railroad bridge or an adjoining area ahead of the President’s car.

TimesMachine: September 28, 1964 –

Witnesses (including police) believed the shot came from the grassy knoll on the north and right, not the railroad bridge to the west and front.  The kill shot didn’t hit the windshield. The Warren Report is the same sort of fake science which I debunk here every day. They discredited their own straw man argument, while ignoring the actual eyewitness reports.

The kill shot came from the front right side, and the momentum of the bullet knocked his head back and to the left, just as the White House reported on November 22, 1963. As an engineer, I accept the laws of physics – like conservation of momentum. Jerry Ford not so much.

The front of JFK’s head exploded outwards on impact, and a luminescent white circle appeared on the right side his skull which was persistent for the next 30+ frames.

12 Apr 1975, 4 – The Tampa Times at

Disclaimer for morons. This is not “conspiracy theory.” It isn’t theory at all. This is what the JFK White House reported on November 22, 1963, and what the evidence clearly shows.

“Jerry Ford is a nice guy, but he played too much football with his helmet off.”

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson

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24 Responses to Smoking Gun Of Incompetence At The Warren Commission

  1. Michael says:

    There is a spot to the west of the Grassy Knoll and by the fence where you can stand in a trench about 5 feet deep and have a rifle comfortably aimed at Elm Street. It is a spot that gives you the perfect shot. It also gives you a very speedy escape to the parking lot behind.
    I have stood there. Tony, you should book a ticket to Dallas and just survey the site.

  2. frederik wisse says:

    With 97% unanimity this commission was clearly showing foresight in the forward development of climate science . The careful picking of facts and the creation of the narratives has nowadays become common practice in our society and our education-system has become more developed and well-adapted to modern times following the alinsky- and the mobrules . Congratulations with the marxist dogmas and the socalled uniformity of settled science . Which is better : A robust lie or half the truth ? Nowadays even the Pope is falling into the trap , which started with the murder of John F Kennedy.

  3. Jeff says:

    James Files delivered the fatal head shot from the grassy knoll. He was behind the fence.

    • richard verney says:

      I have seen a ballistic reconstruction that suggest that the angle of shot from that point is wrong.

      Apparently there is a manhole/drainage inspection point nearby that might have the right trajectory.

    • tonyheller says:

      I’ve seen thousands of papers saying global warming is real.

    • rh says:

      Files looks like a liar to me. There are many people who believably tell stories about being abducted by aliens, killing bigfoot, talking to ghosts, etc. Just because someone is able to craft a believable story doesn’t mean they should be believed without solid evidence. You can see the bullet hits the side of the skull from behind and to the right. The book depository was behind and to the right. The shot sounded like it came from the gravely road because it bounced off the concrete parking garage.

  4. richard verney says:

    I would ask a different question.

    If you were a sniper in the Texas School Book Depository, where would you shoot the target? Where do you get the best opportunity for the take out?

    Is not the best place for the shot whilst the car is coming towards the sniper as it was proceeding along Houston Street? Particularly as it slowed for the turning in to Elm Street?

    • arn says:

      Of course it is,
      as a object does not “move ” as long it moves towards the sniper.
      I just gets bigger and bigger as it moves towards the line of fire.
      There’s little or no movement and you have several seconds to do your job,
      while a real movement is a pain in the butt.
      You need to aim and follow the objects speed and compensate,then shoot,then reload,respot the object with your vizor,synchronise again with the speed of the moving object etc etc.

    • rh says:

      It’s hard to pull the trigger on a living thing. When I was young, I would often miss the ideal shot on a deer only to take a questionable shot forced by the target leaving range. How much harder would it be to shoot at a human being?

  5. GW Smith says:

    Tony – You’ve mentioned the white circle on Kennedy’s head but haven’t explained what you think it means. I notice it moves right along with Kennedy’s head as it is blown quickly back. I don’t think it’s a laser point. What do you think it is?

    • tonyheller says:

      Something to do with the ammunition. James Files says he used a mercury filled explosive round. It must have been very soft ammunition the way it expanded and exploded outwards, and perhaps incendiary. Sodium is a possibility.

      • richard verney says:

        An interesting video, but is the mercury filled incendiary bullet simply an urban myth? Were such available in the 1960s?

        The sodium/potassium bullets were very effective against a soft target which is mostly water but had no penetration. They might not even have penetrated the skull.

        If they did penetrate the skull, then although there is less water in the brain, it probably would have been vapourised. But the autopsy does not support that.

        I am sceptical that any such round was used. Perhaps just a soft jacket dumb dumb type bullet. No incendiary device at all.

      • richard verney says:

        You’ve mentioned the white circle on Kennedy’s head but haven’t explained what you think it means. I notice it moves right along with Kennedy’s head as it is blown quickly back.

        I consider that it is probably simply an artefact of the lighting conditions, and is nothing to do with the bullet. I posted this on an earlier article regarding frame 317.

        Someone must be an expert on ballistics, what type of bullet would cause such luminosity? Nothing that I am aware of, but I have no expertise on the subject.

        It appears to me that the bright circle is just below the right eye slightly to the side, say level with the upper cheek bone. If so, is that consistent with where JFK is said to be shot?

        I have 30 years experience of expert evidence in Court cases, and whilst the camera never lies, one is frequently forced to acknowledge that one can not read too much into photographs.

        In frame 317 there are 5 bright patches of light, two on Connally’s forehead, one level with his shoulder, one behind him possibly on a door armrest, and the one one on JFK. The bright mark level with Connally’s shoulder looks fairly parallel with the bright mark on the door armrest.

        To me, the most distinguishing difference between all of these is the circularity of the shape on JFK which is very large (in comparison to a bullet), and uniform in colour. If it was the result of some explosion, then one would not expect it to have an almost uniform hue, and one would expect variation in colour as the blast front expands. You state that the ” Elliptical, brightest near the middle, and the luminosity tails off towards the edges.” but I do not see any such clear pattern, and I have close to 50 years experience with developing and printing colour photographs, and am very used to looking at photographs, both in lab conditions, Court and otherwise.

        Have a look at frame 320 (on a previous post) and you will note that the bright spot on JFK has elongated/expanded to become more cigar shaped/pencil shaped, and now is beginning to be of similar size to the bright mark on the door armrest, and parallel to it with a similar downward slope from left to right. Materially, the bright mark on the door armrest has elongated between frame 317 to frame 320. These changes are consistent with a change in the angle of light (although I am not claiming that is the reason).

        Unfortunately, the film is not very clear, especially at this magnitude. It is therefore very dangerous to read too much into it, albeit that it is probably the most important single piece of evidence, and warrants deep scrutiny. Whether lab enhancing would shed further light on the matter is something that the agencies no doubt have explored, or at any rate ought to have explored. To date, no such enhanced images have been released.

  6. Ben says:

    I don’t have a dog in this race, I don’t care who killed JFK, I have no opinion about the identity of the shooter or shooters, and I appreciate the work Tony does here regarding climate change research. I have strong opinions, shaped in part by Tony’s work here, that climate change research as it stands is mostly a giant pile of horse shit.

    That said, it appears to me that JFK’s head moves forward at the moment of impact in the film clip shown above.

    The film is probably not adequate to get to the truth as the frame rate is too low. To really understand what happened a high definition high frame rate video would be required, and probably more than one POV would be needed. Making an absolute determination from that film is like deciphering temperatures in central Africa without any thermometers.

    • tonyheller says:

      James Files says JFK’s head jerked forward right before he fired the kill shot.
      The film is plenty adequate to see what happened, and nothing like fake African temperatures.
      The police and White House believed on 11/23/1963 that the kill shot came from the front right.

      What is astonishing is that anyone would believe otherwise.

      • Ben says:

        So… James Files saw JFK’s head jerk forward sometime between just after he pulled the trigger and felt the firearm recoil and when the bullet struck. We’re talking fractions of a second, and the most difficult time when firing to see anything is during recoil. You must realize this is not a credible claim.

        The film shows JFK’s head move forward at the time you see the splatter from the impact. The rear movement is delayed relative to the splatter.

        I think arguing about the JFK assassination is detracting from the climate science work that you are doing, especially when the film clearly shows JFK’s head move forward at the apparent moment of impact. I think the JFK conspiracy is unimportant, and I think you are doing harm to your case against climate alarmism. Why continue down this path?

        • richard verney says:

          So… James Files saw JFK’s head jerk forward sometime between just after he pulled the trigger and felt the firearm recoil and when the bullet struck. We’re talking fractions of a second, and the most difficult time when firing to see anything is during recoil. You must realize this is not a credible claim.

          I made this point on a previous article. I have watched part of the Files interview, and he makes an extraordinary claim. He says that right after the k1ll shot, he saw JFK’s head explode/part of the skull come off and the blood spray.

          With a high magnification scope on a powerful hand gun (not pistol nor rifle), even with the slightest recoil, the scope would no longer be aiming at the head, or at the very least the image would be incredibly blurred. Files almost certainly would not have been able to see what he claims that he saw immediately after he pulled the trigger.

          This does not mean that he was not involved, but his story does seem fanciful.

  7. Josh Stern says:

    There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the investigation into the murder of JFK was completely falsified by the FBI in every possible way, and also a fair amount of evidence that the Warren Commission assisted with that and that the CIA organized the hit. There are many, many parts to that. When one digs into, the evidence falls from the sky. The bigger plot is the MSM and US govt. coverup and complicity in the JFK hit, and other crimes like 9/11, MLK assassination, phony “War on (CIA created) Terror”, etc.

    Back to JFK – there were about 40 witnesses that heard shots coming from the direction of the grassy knoll, and almost everyone ran in that direction. Was that the only direction shots came from? No, it was the loudest, and the source of the kill shot that exploded JFK’s head. The famous photo of Jackie on the trunk of the limo behind JFK actually involved her picking up a piece of JFK’s skull/brain. She gave it to one of the OR docs at Parkland. A motocycle cop 20 ft. to the rear South(passenger side) of the car was splattered with brain/blood from the kill shot. That’s not possible with the regular rifle bullets claimed to have come from the TBD to the driver side rear. The evidence goes on, and on, and on, like that – bullet holes in the front windshield, witnesses murdered, a fake photo of Oswald with a rifle, a fake mail order for the rifle, confessions/statements from several different witnesses about CIA involvement, etc. etc.

  8. Richard Greene says:

    I never studied the assassination until the 50th anniversary in 2013.

    Two months of gruesome reading and then I wrote a long article in my economics newsletter — off topic,but I wanted to share all my reading with my subscribers.

    There is no doubt to me that Oswald killed Kennedy and there were no other shooters.

    The only real question was Oswald’s motive, which is still not clear.

    A found a motive to shoot at John Connally, concerning Oswald’s less than honorable discharge from the Marines — there was correspondence between them, and Oswald did not get what he wanted.

    New information this year is suggesting Oswald was angry that he could not get into Cuba — the previously puzzling trip to Mexico City — and somehow blamed Kennedy for that fact, or just for the bad relations between US and Cuba.

    There could have been some person who motivated Oswald to shoot, but I have little doubt he acted alone to kill Kennedy, and acted like he was guilty afterwards.

    I will wait for more information to be released this year and next.

    I am 99% confident there was one shooter, along with many speculative and wrong reports in the media.

    I think everyone that denies that Oswald acted alone is a crackpot.

    However, that’s coming from someone who wants MORE CO2 in the air and thinks the coming climate change catastrophe is a fairy tale.

    I’ve read hundreds of pages of the Warren Report and have a copy.

    Lyndon Johnson benefitted most from the assassination, yet he was barely a subject of the investigation.

    He also appointed the team to lead the investigation, bypassing Robert Kennedy and becoming the boss of his FBI.

    I think Robert Kennedy and his FBI should have led the investigation, but I believe the conclusion would have been the same.

    The echoes in the plaza would have prevented people from using sound to be certain of where the gun is. I am an audiophile with over 50 years of experience with microphones, hearing ability, reverberations and echoes.

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