Seen In Colorado This Week

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  1. Larry Geiger says:

    A White Pelican in Colorado? Cool.

  2. RAH says:

    Tony takes pictures of birds. I slaughter them. Flock of Canadian geese did a Kamikaze attack on my truck Monday. Took off from the right edge of the interstate and flew right out over it. A couple did not gain enough altitude quickly enough. Swerved over into the center of the three lanes to try and miss them but I think two flew into the side of the rig. Nothing I could do. Heard the thumps and saw the feathers but not the birds in the right mirror. At least they missed the windshield and mirror. We have a lot of those birds up here in Indiana. So many that some people consider them a nuisance. Turkeys and Geese are big enough to come right through the windshield at highway speeds. Had a goose take out my drivers side mirror and slam into the drivers side window a few years ago.

  3. Robertv says:

    I had a close encounter with 2 Swans about ten years ago. One of them hit the top lights of the 4 meter high vehicle. We were lucky .

    Impressive how time looks like slow motion on moments like that. I suppose your brain is working like crazy finding a solution.

  4. Theyouk says:

    Thanks for a beautiful start to the day, Tony!

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    Roast Canada Goose–V. good–pass it on. One way of reducing their count.
    Paddling a canoe is a nice way of traveling.
    I’ll try to post a link to an article I wrote in 2000.

  6. Bob Hoye says:

    Difficult, but there is a picture of the Chestnut Leader (wood/canvas) I had. The “Leader” was designed for downriver racing back in 1906. The version I had was made in the 1970s. Eighteen feet long. I’ll try the link to the picture.

  7. just a thought says:

    Nice photography, Tony, as usual.

  8. Thank you for these photos, it really makes you want to go back. I have had the opportunity to visit Colorado twice, but I have not had the opportunity to admire its fauna and flora. I will try to go back in a few months and do some shooting sessions in the wilderness.

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