Climate Scientists Vs. Reality

Climate scientists :

Russian Arctic ice melt is picking up speed – Futurity

Reality :

Power of the Ob – drifting ice on the river breaks railings and drags people away from hi-tech lives

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49 Responses to Climate Scientists Vs. Reality

  1. jb says:

    Amazing. The reality (ice in the river) and the lie (the big melt).
    Thanks for keeping the world informed.

    • Griff says:

      The big melt is an ongoing decline over years… this is a freeze in one river for one season.

      • Gator says:

        The big melt is caused by the big interglacial. Stupid alarmists!

      • AndyG55 says:

        A melt after the EXTREME high of the 1970’s, and totally in line with the AMO.

        Your IGNORANCE is showing even more than your DESPERATION, griff.

  2. frederik wissea says:

    In Holland the MSM is doubling down in the global warming hoax . Today it is forecasted that this present may will be the hottest in 400 years ! A few days ago I sent a message how nightly-groundminima were manipulated by the Dutch meteorological institute and this is another example of their placement of narrative above truth illustrating their sick interpretations of facts that are for a large part still in the making .

  3. Is it not stretching the truth to call collectivist climate Cassandras “scientists”? Thirty-eight years ago, the climate Cassandras who claimed to have at least a Bachelor of Science degree were vigorously demanding US surrender to the Soviet Union to “prevent” nuclear war. Petr Beckmann in Access to Energy described them as ex-scientists. The surviving members of that tiny clique today swear we must not have fines, imprisonment and the government-planned economy the Russian people overthrew to “prevent” global warming. Ideological congregants of an anti-scientific totalitarian faith can hardly be considered scientists, even if in uncorrupted youth they managed to earn a degree.

  4. Griff says:

    Well, Russia also got hit by displaced arctic air like the NE US. So this is weather!

    And thus says nothing about the state of or trends in arctic sea ice…

    ..but this does:

    • Gator says:

      Still zero unprecedented ice conditions in the Arctic, or anywhere else on this planet. Why do stupid alarmists repeatedly post endlessly refuted lies on this site? Must be because they hate poor brown people.

      • AndyG55 says:

        “Must be because they hate poor brown people.”

        And a total hatred for the people living in the Arctic as well.

        Thinking they should be stuck with the extreme extents of the LIA rather than the highly beneficial more open waters of the MWP and the 9000 years before it.

        It really is DISGUSTING, hateful behaviour from griff.

        • Griff says:

          Well, the people of the arctic have their own distinctive lifestyle which warming is ruining. You apparently think that the Inuit etc should have no regret about losing a lifestyle precious to them…

          for example

          “The low sea ice is already impacting the lives and livelihoods of people in western Alaska coastal communities by restricting hunting and fishing, which are the mainstays of the economies of these communities,”

          • Gator says:

            Ms Griff, the Inuit settled the Arctic during warmertimes. They could never have survived the Arctic without this beneficial and natural warming. Next you will demand we slow sunrises for late sleepers. You are an idiot.

          • Griff says:

            and yet Gator only this morning on the BBC radio I was listening to a piece about how loss of the ice is adversely affecting their lifestyles right now…

            You don’t care about poor Alaskan and Canadian and Greenlander people? why is that?

          • Gator says:

            Wow! Really? The BBC? They never ever take on alarmists memes. It must be true!

            How many Inuit lived in the Arctic before the current interglacial?

            Stupid much Ms Griff?

            Did any cultures change with the current interglacial?

            Are conditions more or less favorable for human life in the Arctic since the interglacial started?

            And why do you hate poor brown people?

        • AndyG55 says:

          Again , RUBBSIH

          Just keep making up your LIES griff.

          If they don’t want extra travel and extra sea lane.. why the heck are they spending all that time and money of massive ice-breakers.

          The Inuit have had to find ways to survive, survival would be easier if there was less sea ice.

          How can LESS sea ice restrict fishing.. what an idiotic brain-fart from griff.. Just buy a boat for them.

          • Griff says:

            They rely on travel over the ice to go hunting. and they drill holes in the ice to fish thru.

          • Gator says:

            So nobody hunts without ice? How did the Inuit and Polar Bears survive previous warm periods? Taxation?

            Why do you hate poor brown people Ms Griff?

          • AndyG55 says:

            ” and they drill holes in the ice to fish thru.”

            You moronic idiot.

            That is their method of coping with the EXTREME sea ice of the LIA and late 1970s when that was the ONLY way they could get fish.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      That looks like weather too Griff. Can u please use your obsessive-compulsive alarmist secret decoder ring on the paper to determine the truth.

      • TimA says:

        This Griff is starting to act like the Little Dutch Boy plugging up hole after hole in their precious AGW theory several times an article lately ….lol

        • Griff says:

          AGW isn’t a theory, but a reality. All I have to do is point at it and say ‘there it is! and there! and there!’

          • AndyG55 says:

            Total and utter RUBBISH

            Please provide empirical proof that enhanced atmospheric CO2 does ANYTHING except enhance plant growth.


          • RAH says:

            Griff says:
            May 23, 2018 at 8:09 am
            AGW isn’t a theory, but a reality. All I have to do is point at it and say ‘there it is! and there! and there!’

            It’s a failed hypothesis. Never got even to the level of a Theory. Where is the persistent hot spot or spots in the upper troposphere of the equatorial band Griff? The physics upon which the doomsday climate models depend demands that it or they be there all the time.
            Exactly how much warming is the result of CO2 and how much from natural variability?
            Why are the Maldives still above water?
            Why was the global satellite temp for April lower this year than April last years? (and the same will almost certainly be true for this month also).

            Why is there so much cold water at the surface in the MDR for hurricanes in the Atlantic right now? That wasn’t predicted and wasn’t supposed to happen?

            Why has the incidence of Malaria dropped 40% world wide over the last five years according to the CDC when it was supposed to be going up?

            Why do we continue to live in relatively the most peaceful time in the history of mankind if AGW/Climate Change is supposed to increase the numbers and scope of conflicts and wars?

            Why did the “permanent droughts” in Texas and then the SW US end in deluges? Why did the “permanent drought” in Australia end in a deluge?

            Why are several Pacific atolls that we were told were in danger of being swallowed up by SLR actually gaining elevation above SL?

            Why has the world output of grains continued to increase setting a new record high year after year when we were told that they would decline due to climate change?

            Why TF would anyone really believe that a little warming is bad for us when the warmest period in this Epoch is called “The Holocene Climatic Optimum”?

            Why has Greenland been gaining SMB? That wasn’t supposed to happen!

            Why are Polar bears thriving when we were told they should be endangered by now? And how did the Polar bears survive the Holocene Climatic Optimum?

            Why do we now know there are about 1/4 of a million more Adelie Penguins now than we knew even existed despite the fact we have been told they are endangered by climate change?

            And why are we apparently headed for a near record low year after over a decade in a declining trend in tornado incidence and severity in the US when we were told that severe weather would become more common due to climate change?

            And why did is snow in Southern England this winter when we were told the children there wouldn’t know what snow is?

            etc, etc, etc. ad nauseum.

          • AndyG55 says:

            “All I have to do is point at it and say ‘there it is! and there! and there!’”

            WOW, that is just manic and brainless NONSENSE.

            You cannot point to ANY science that proves AGW.. There ISN’T ANY.

            You might just as well point at a Grimm Bros book of fairy tales.

            Its all just Fantasy. !!

            …. not even Science Fantasy…

          • AndyG55 says:

            RAH, the real worry temperature-wise is that in the Topics, were solar energy is most absorbed…

            Both UAH and RSS had April 2018 as a NEGATIVE ANOMALY and in 26th place out of 40

            Tropics are COOLING !!

          • RAH says:

            I dangled a well baited hook in there but the fish didn’t take it.

          • RAH says:

            Andy, of course it’s getting cooler at the equator! For years now the warm anomalies that the alarmists have been saying are a sign we’re all going to roast, have been concentrated most at the poles!

            They won’t recognize the reality that this is a sign the chaotic system is seeking the balance it will never obtain as the energy is transported to the poles where it is most easily lost to space.

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      I had to drop my long term subscription to SciAm about 20 years ago when it became the Unscientific Unamerican. I lasted a decade longer with New Scientist before it became the Non Scientist, and then had to drop The Economist too, when it turned into The Communist.

      The temperature swings you describe are Rossby wave related. They tend to occur during times of low solar activity, like now. Low solar activity also on average leads to low global temperatures via cloud cover changes. All this is climate, but unrelated to CO2.

      • Griff says:

        The 2 science publications you mention have a long history and considerable reputation (I have been reading New Scientist for nearly 50 years, since my father used to bring it home from his lab…).

        Ask yourself – on this one aspect of science, are they really, really somehow going to start printing lies and propaganda?

        • RAH says:

          Yep! They have been. NBC, CBS, and the BBC news used to have great reputations also. No longer. James Hanson, Michael Mann, Bill Nye, East Anglican University CRU, and so many others also enjoyed good reputations but no longer. I could go on, but you get the idea.

          • Griff says:

            I get the idea… reality no longer fits what you think it ought to, thanks to deeply engrained political beliefs, etc.

            New Scientist and all those reputable scientific institutions and scientists have not changed. Science has not changed.

          • AndyG55 says:

            griff, you have ZERO credibility when it comes to talk about REALITY.

            Your mind has long since dismissed REALITY as unimportant.

            The fact that you cannot see that AGW is based on NON-SCIENCE says all that needs to be said.

            Still waiting for that scientific proof that CO2 causes warming.

            Why are you AVOIDING it, griff.

            is it that you KNOW you don’t have any !!!

          • Gator says:

            Me Griff, scientists are humans, and humans are what they are. Scientists are just as likely to be frauds as any other profession. A few grantologists have taken the spotlight thanks to a far left media. The majority of scientists reject CAGW.

            Why do you hate poor brown people?

          • RAH says:

            What those “New Stations” often report has no basis in reality. I can point out obvious examples of that from just last week for ALL of those I mentioned.

        • RAH says:

          BTW science, the actual pure process of the method has nothing to do with reputation, though the speed of acceptance of a theory generally does have to do with the reputation of the presenter(s). As so many real scientists who’s theories were initially rejected only later to become strongly accepted have demonstrated. The Royal Society has long enjoyed an excellent reputation and yet have often been dead wrong.

        • AndyG55 says:

          ” I have been reading New Scientist for nearly 50 years,”

          And yet all you ever have to put forward is your mindless ignorant AGW propaganda and DENIAL of climate history.

          Seems “New Scientist” has really done a number on your feeble, gullible, little nil-science mind.

        • Bruce of Newcastle says:

          Yes they are.
          I know a scientific lie when I see one.
          I’ve been a R&D scientist for thirty five years.
          I live and breathe data, do you think I wouldn’t check the veracity of their claims?

      • Griff says:

        I note we’ve had low solar activity for what… over a decade? and yet there is no downturn in the temps or upturn in sea ice levels, or growing glaciers.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Tropics, where solar radiation is most absorbed, are now 26th out of 40 in both UAH and RSS, and both have NEGATIVE anomalies

          DO you really think the bulk of the oceans is going to respond quickly.

          Are you REALLY that dumb and ignorant ???

          • Griff says:

            UAH is frankly a fake.

          • Gator says:

            Ms Griff has no clue what real climate science is, she simply lies in order to snuff out poor brown people.

            Ms Griff’s concern about the climate is fake. She hopes for disaster.

          • AndyG55 says:

            griff is frankly just a FAKE and a FOOL.

            You have below ZERO credibility, griff.

          • Disillusioned says:

            “UAH is frankly a fake.”

            Not enough adjustments for you? ROTFLOL

        • RAH says:

          “Griff says:
          May 23, 2018 at 3:33 pm
          UAH is frankly a fake.”

          Griff is obviously a fake.

  5. Roberto says:

    Some lame editing is apparent. The picture caption isn’t referring to the river at all, but to something like Rasputin.

    Unless this is a subtle dig at charlatans somewhere.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Not particularly.

      What is interesting is that Arctic sea ice is STILL in the top 10% of extents for the last 10,000 years.. only slightly down from the extremes of the LIA anomaly.

      That is quite understandable, as the global temperature is only a tiny bump up from that COLDEST period in 10,000 years.

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