Indiana Heatwave Of 1936

During the summer of 1936, Indiana had 100 degree temperatures from June 15 to September 16, with a peak temperature of 114 degrees on July 14.  If this happened now, climate scientists would be 100% certain it was due to man-made CO2 and demand immediate world communism.

Over the past five years, Indiana has only recorded one (barely) 100 degree temperature.

Afternoon temperatures have been plummeting in Indiana since the 19th century, and the frequency of hot days has also plummeted.

The fraudsters at Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central claim that Indiana summers are going to increase from an average of 83 degrees to 94 degrees.

Blistering Future Summers for 1,001 U.S. Cities | Climate Central

Summer temperatures are doing the exact opposite of what Climate Central claims, having declined from 92 degrees in 1936 to about 83 degrees in recent years.

Fraud is the norm and the gold standard of climate science, which is why fake news organizations like the New York Times and CNN write articles about me, but won’t talk to me.

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10 Responses to Indiana Heatwave Of 1936

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    … yes, and let’s not forget what Communism looks like: 1) you give up all your property at gunpoint, 2) work your butt off on a commune with broken-down 50 year old equipment, 3) have most of your food confiscated, 4) have half of your family ‘disappear’ permanently, 5) wait 10 years for a 300 sq. ft. highrise flat without any rebar that could pancake any minute, 6) all in exchange for stainless steel dental work and really toxic vodka

  2. RAH says:

    Communism certainly gained ground during the 1930s during the nearly world wide depression. In the US, it was not so much in Indiana but more in the large urban centers of the country in the north and north east was where the communist hot beds were located.

    Indiana is kind of unique in certain social/political ways. Though per capita it provided as many if not more soldiers for the Union than any other state during the Civil war the southern 1/3rd of the state had a lot of copper heads and butternut Hoosiers. They didn’t fight for the confederacy but they sure sympathized with many of its principles. The largest KKK rally every held was in Elwood, IN where I was born. To this day much, if not most of Indiana identifies more closely with the south than with Michigan, Ohio, or Illinois.

  3. RAH says:

    As for Tony’s chart. It was blistering hot here in 2012 as I remember. After that the days we have seen triple digit temps have been very few and far between. In fact the last few years it is a rare day when we get over 90 deg. F. But temperature doesn’t tell the whole story. It is not uncommon to have 70- 80% humidity on the hot days. One can look across the fields and see the shimmer.

    • tonyheller says:

      2012 was hot, but was a fairly typical year prior to 1957

      • Jason Bosh says:

        It’s damn impossible to get weather data before 1940, at least on line. I believe Indianapolis has been recording from the airport since 1947 or 1948. I wouldn’t be shocked if they just wiped away all data from before. Especially since the “cool down” started in the 1950s. So the 1980s and early 2010s are just spikes in an otherwise cooling trend. It should be pointed out the 1936 heatwave followed one of the most brutal winters in history.

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