Plummeting Summer Temperatures At Bloomington, Indiana

Prior to the 1960’s, summers at Bloomington, Indiana were typically very hot – but over the last 80 years summer maximum temperatures and the frequency of hot days have plummeted.

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2 Responses to Plummeting Summer Temperatures At Bloomington, Indiana

  1. Rah says:

    One can always take a very cooling dip in one of the many old limestone quarries in the area. Some of them will have students from IU skinny-dipping in them if one goes at the right time.

  2. Rah says:

    BTW notice that I 69 is shown terminating there. Soon it will extend up to Indianapolis and the Indiana potion of I 69 will be done once Kentucky and/or Indiana get a bridge over the Ohio River. Eventually it will run from the Canadian border at the Blue Water bridge to the Mexican border in the Brownsville, TX area becoming a primary commercial route.

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