Foreign Interference In Elections

Democrats oppose voter ID laws (like they have in Mexico) exactly because they want foreigners interfering in US elections.  Democrats describe their own behavior as “treason.”

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15 Responses to Foreign Interference In Elections

  1. arn says:

    Well- those people,besides the unteachable hardcore progressivey/marxist, will very soon be the only voterbase of the democrats.
    As more and more people are realising that the way of the democrats
    is the highway to hell,poverty and perversion.

    That’s why they want illegals to do illegal things
    to help the democrats to rule illegally by constantly violating the constitution.
    The democrats as trojan occupying force using an occupying army to keep them in power.
    ((that’s btw why illegals get flooded with free shit why democrats and followers don’t give a shit about their own homeless and veterans-and as long as tzey don’t run out of others people money they’ll keep on being generous))

    And if you oppose this all out criminal stuff you are a bigotted,racist,nazi,homophob

  2. Johansen says:

    You need a permanent underclass for socialism to be acceptable, and the Democrat (not Democratic) Party is now embracing full-on Marxism in many respects

  3. richard says:

    Really interesting article in the Spectator as to what Trump has achieved in Syria recently –

    They said he was going to cause world war 3-

    “Under Trump, Americans can now envisage a time when their country isn’t directly involved in a military conflict in the combustible Arab world ”

    “He also achieved almost overnight what many had thought impossible: getting the Saudis to abandon their hateful Wahhabi ideology and to stop funding terror abroad”

  4. Robertv says:

    But progressives have to make a choice now who to ‘support’. Muslim Immigrants , Women, Lesbiennes, Gays or Transgenders.
    ‘As a lesbian, I am naturally sympathetic to other minority groups fighting for their rights. Initially when I heard people talking about problems with transgender rights, I wondered what on earth people’s problem could be.

    Of course if someone wants to live as though they are the opposite sex, that’s their choice and I fully support their right to do so.

    But if someone who still has their full male anatomy wants the right to enter women’s changing rooms, or refuges, or to compete against women and girls in sports, and women have no choice about that, that takes away women’s most fundamental right: the right to say no to male-bodied people entering our spaces.’

    I think only having Human Rights would do the trick but than they could no longer use divide to conquer.

  5. TA says:

    American Democrats are basically socialists and South American nations are basically socialist, so the Democrats think they will benefit if illegal aliens from South America vote in U.S. elections.

    The Democrats need a permanent underclass that they can manipulate by making them promises of money in order to buy their votes. Many Blacks are starting to abandon the Democrats, so they need a new substitute.

    And the Democrats don’t like the fact that whites are a majority of the population in the United States and they are out to change that because they have branded whites as the focus of evil in the modern world, and they want to outnumber them and get rid of them using non-white illegal aliens, and then supposedly nirvana ensues, and illegal aliens are their path to this goal.

    They want to turn the United States of America into the United States of South America.

    People with this goal do not love the United States of America. They want to fundamentally change the USA and all the citizens who live here.

    This kind of self hatred is being taught to the children of America in our very own schools by those who wish to undermine the nation..

  6. Former95B says:

    Like Obama regarding Netanyahu in Israel?

    Hell, The Russians have been throwing poop into our election since 1917, most all of it with Democrat blessing.

  7. Justa Joe says:

    They have those voter ID’s in Brazil too.

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