The New Normal For France

It has been twenty years since France won the World Cup.

Fifteen years ago, France was  just about to enter a heat wave which killed thousands of people.  I was freezing on the beach at Christchurch, England during early July 2003, but a few days later the weather warmed up.  (I wish I would have gone a week later when it was warm.)  During the first two weeks of August, temperatures in France were near 100 degrees.

27 Aug 2003, 5 – News Herald at

Two months ago, climate experts declared the 2003 heatwave to be the new normal.

The study also finds that climate change made such an extreme heat event 4 times as likely.

Climate Signals | European Heat Wave 2003

As usual, the climate scientists who did this study didn’t use any actual data – which shows that 2003 was an outlier and that there has been no change in the number of hot days in France over the past 120 years.


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