Truth In Labeling

Below is the NOAA US maximum temperature graph over the past 90 years. It shows the US warming, and includes no information stating that the data has been massively altered to turn cooling into warming.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

The actual NOAA data shows the US cooling. The warming trend is created by people at NOAA tampering with the data. 

Spreadsheet    Data

Data tampering weather records for political purposes has been a problem for over 100 years, and it has always been up to bloggers to call out the people committing the fraud.

January, 1907.



It is wrong to mutilate or suppress the record of an observation of a phenomenon of nature, but it is also wrong to make a bad use of the record. In fact, it is the misuse of meteorological data, not the observing or publishing, that constitutes a crime against the community. Observation and careful research are to be encouraged as useful. Misrepresentations are to be avoided as harmful.

The “Independent Press” as the “Voice of the People” should be not only “Vox Populi” but “Vox Dei “, repressing all cheats and hoaxes, defending the truth and the best interests of the whole nation as against the self-interest of a few.

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