With Worsening Journalism, Different People To Trust

In 2006, the New York Times announced the end of winter in the Northeastern US. They were growing spinach in December in 60 degree weather, as sea ice disappeared and polar bears died.

With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – The New York Times

That year was an outlier. There is no indication that winter temperatures have increased or the frequency of 60 degree winter days has changed in the Northeast over the past 90 years.

Washington DC cherry blossoms bloom several days later than they did 30 years ago when CO2 was below 350 PPM.


New Year’s Eve was coldest on record in much of the US this year.

New year brings record cold across US – CNN

I was ice skating in front of the Capitol Building on January 8, 2018. Temperatures were below zero (F) the night before just outside of DC.

The Start Of The Washingtonian Ice Age | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

During George Washington’s first year in office, the Northeastern US was 70 degrees on many days.

A Meteorological Account of the Weather in Philadelphia: From January 1 … – Charles Peirce – Google Books

Five of the last six months of March have been among the coldest on record in the Northeast.

I spent spring in Philadelphia, where they had record snow.

This was Toto on the first day of Spring

This was Toto hiking on Chesapeake Bay on March 7, 2015

The ice isn’t limited to Maryland. There has been no change in Arctic sea ice extent or volume since the New York Times wrote that article in 2006.


There is more ice along the coast of Alaska than there has been in years.  The Polar Bears simply can’t find any place to drown.


Everything the New York Times said in that 2006 article was fact-free superstition, junk science and fake news, which is their standard operating procedure.  And of course they censor anyone who tells the truth.

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