Science 1972 : “next ice age is definitely on its way”

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8 Responses to Science 1972 : “next ice age is definitely on its way”

    • Stewart Pid says:

      No Griff this sez it all …. Central Canada at or below zero C all the way to the US border. One of our coldest falls ever with record snow forecast for Tuesday.
      GLO-BULL warming my cold, frozen Canuck ass!!
      This fall is beginning to look like 1984 when halloween night was -24C and we had 3 kids show up.

      • Steven Fraser says:

        Those kids were from a colder part of Canada, I think. Probably walked uphill, both ways to get to/from your house…

    • Gator says:

      Where does it say that you hate poor brown people? You need to add that part Ms Griff

    • spike55 says:

      sez absolutely NOTHING.

      A recovery from the extremes of the late 1970’s

      No trend in a dozen or so years

      Still in the top 10% of the last current interglacial.

      All that sea ice as THICK sea ice in Beaufort and Can Arch.

      over 4.7 Wadhams in extent

      LOTS of multi-year THICK sea ice.

      You are NOTHING but a lying desperate fool-troll

    • spike55 says:

      Russian coast, barely navigable
      Beaufort se growing
      Canadian Archipelago growing
      Laptev growing,
      NW of Greenland growing

  1. arn says:

    Thanks god that in the meantime co2 developed all of a sudden some crazy nazi superpowers
    and that the resulting global warming will compensate the coming ice age by 100% and everything will stay as it is=no need to worry,except you are a climate scientist and afraid to lose your well paid job.
    ((though i am still missing why the current climate is supposed to be the most perfect and why it has to be kept as it is by any means and hundreds of trillions of dollars of global taxes((i guess the last two words exolain what it is all about))

  2. Snowleopard says:

    You can say the 1970s ice age scare was just another craziness, but consider a few things that have happened since then.

    US military preferentially closes northern bases.

    Consider where the wars have been located since that time. Tropical or sub-tropical mostly.

    Greens seem to be preferentially funded to oppose new energy infrastructure in northern states

    A warm spike in temperature usually precedes a return to glaciation. It seems like this spike is spent (but yes, the sun could surprise me, and previous prequel spikes have been larger) and it was far less intense than the last three interruptions of global cooling over the last 3Kyrs.

    Also the magnetic poles have accelerated a shift that was discernible in the 70s and seems to be coincident with declining solar activity.

    SO, is it possible our Knowalligists (lol) saw this ice age returning in the 70s, and were then directed to insert the globull warming meme (as in “Oh look a squirrel!”) to prevent mass migration to the tropics???

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