Journalism Is A Hoax

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  1. Bruce Fredrick says:

    Journalists saying that this is the hottest month ever recorded world wide? What does that mean? How are they possibly calculating that number? Seems that if its the hottest Month ever, that the ocean temperatures would reflect this, as well. Any data to support or confirm? Extraordinary claims typically require extraordinary proof? Always makes me nervous when the two aren’t presented together and I have always been impressed by your approach to climate when you present the claim and the data together. Nice work!!

  2. Psalmon says:

    As always we will be watching the buoys and the land stations with this “Cat 4” hurricane hits. I watched Irma in 2017 closely and it went over Florida keys stations within 20 miles of the station on Vaca Key registering ~70 mph winds. No winds in Naples made it over 90 where it made landfall. The winds of this “major” hurricane on piers and the airport barely made 70 mph. IMO most of this classification and the measurement is corrupt. The media takes the same picture of an awning in tatters, or a gas station roof down. During Irma they all had people outside in “120+ mph winds”…impossible. So watch Dorian close…Buoys are available at NOAA and of course land stations are available everywhere and at NOAA. That they get away with it in plain sight, with available data everywhere. Still, hopefully everybody stays safe.

    • Gator says:

      Psalmon, you are forgetting about Floridians who live above the tree line. Radar shows that residents who live in alpine areas of the sunshine state will receive much higher winds than those who live in low lying areas along the coast.

      • Psalmon says:

        The old joke: “Why do they take the temperature at the airport? NOBODY LIVES at the airport!!!”

        Ya, 140 mph winds at 5,000 ft asl. May as well call the Jet Stream a Hurricane.

    • D. Boss says:

      Yes, I too noticed the NHC was outright lying about Irma and Maria. I watched buoy real time readouts also, with Irma and as the eyewall passed over this buoy just north east of the keys, the buoy registered some 92 MPH sustained. When the “official” proclamation was a cat 3 saying it was 125 MPH. (in some cases they report the flight level winds at 10,000 feet as the ground level speed – which is of course a lie)

      But the official party lines were outright lies about wind speeds in last half dozen years.

      The alarmist agenda has infected every aspect of NOAA and NHC.

      Same manure pile with Maria – Puerto Rico radar was functioning, and one could count the rotation of specific rain bands near the eyewall and measure the diameter, hence calculate the speed. Again nowhere near the “official” proclamation. It was at best a strong cat 2.

      Now both of these were serious storms with some serious damage – but mostly with mobile homes or asinine construction/building standards in P.R. I’ve been through half a dozen ‘canes, and went through 22 hours of 75-90 MPH winds in Frances in 2004, and a proper house survived intact…

      And also of note, some of the same large scale fluid dynamical models are used to predict Hurricanes as are used for global warming. You can’t get decent predictions from these models more than 48 hours out – even with deliberate manual measurements from both satellites and hunter aircraft with drop sondes as input data. (they predict to 120 hrs, but after 48 the error cone is +/-200 miles for track)

      So how can anyone with even 1/2 of a brain believe 50 to 100 year predictions from these models? (answer = they are effectively brainwashed and humanity is generally stupid) (if you’re old enough, recall the Soviets said some time ago, they were not going to win a shooting war, but instead would infiltrate our schools and indoctrinate new generations to a socialist/communist ideology – unfortunately that legacy has played out with so called education) (global warming/climate change is the latest method to try to destroy capitalism, and create the socialist utopia)

      • Psalmon says:

        Maria landed at Yabucoa in PR. Officially winds were 155mph…but no damage near that occured. The Noaa station there never got over 100…official history data is n/a after 75mph indicating the station failed. No measurements ever picked up 155. San juan stations in the harbor never reached 75mph. I have all the plots from that day real time.

  3. Kaiser Derden says:

    the idiots own graphic says Cat 3 … he can’t even read his own propaganda …

  4. Russ Wood says:

    What was the Caribbean hurricane rhyme? “June, too soon. July, Stand by. August, you must. September, remember.” I.e. There have ALWAYS been hurricanes in this area at this time of the year! So NOW it’s globull warming! Duh!

  5. Joel says:

    I’m 50 years old, and I can’t honestly remember a summer with weather as beautiful – and cool – as this year. I live in central Iowa and, other than a couple of hot days in July, the weather has been almost cool. More rain, too.

    Yet I keep hearing “the hottest month on record”. I don’t have to be an expert to know that someone is full of crap…I just have to walk outside.


    • paul courtney says:

      Joel: I agree, but if you say it that way alarmists will brush you off with “local is not global” palaver. I have seen the same here in OH, a cool wet spring into mid June, then cool summer with a few 90 deg. days. But I also note that, reading the paper, (a dated expression) there is no extraordinary heat reported anywhere. Yet it’s the hottest ever. Now I have another source who says it was not hot in Iowa either. However, I’ll never get beyond story-telling, in effect, and I’ll never take down an alarmist lie with that. Fortunately for us, Mr. Heller does this for us, taking down alarmist lies WITH PROOF 3-4 times a day. Thanks again.

  6. There is something deja-vu-ish about this entire set-up. It is almost as though Mencken were right when he averred: “But there is really no such thing as an honest newspaper in America; if it were set up tomorrow it would perish within a month. Every journal, no matter how rich and powerful, is the trembling slave of higher powers, some financial, some religious and some political.” –HL Mencken, The American Credo, 1920.
    One can’t help noticing that “scientific” is not enumerated among the higher powers, but “pseudoscientific” is easily subsumed under “religious.”

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