New Video : My Experiment For Potholer

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  1. Robert B says:

    Surely some of the large volcanic explosions during the holocene were big enough to give the ball a nudge? CO2 levels clearly follow the rise in temperature and too big a lag to have caused the further warming. Plus, we never actually warmed out of the ice age ie. warmer than 2.8 M years ago. Why was the stopper moved if its not ocean currents but trace gasses in the atmosphere that controls everything.

  2. Anon says:

    I have always wondered, looking at the historical ice core (CO2 vs Temperature) plots, what causes the temperature to decrease when carbon dioxide is at its peak, given that this is a positive feedback phenomenon?

    Presumably increased temperatures cause CO2 to out-gas from the oceans, in turn making the planet hotter and out-gassing more CO2 – in a runaway positive feedback loop. But what stops the positive feedback each time, causing the temperature to fall?

    * One might notice that on these graphs when Temperature leads CO2, you don’t have this problem, as CO2 increases and decreases with Temperature, which is controlled by something else.

    • EternalOptimist says:

      It’s because in the potholer house, he walks into a dark room and the light comes on, then he flicks the switch.

      cause and effect are back to front in pothole land

    • GW Smith says:

      It’s the logarithmic effect of CO2. At a certain level of concentration the more CO2 you add to the atmosphere the less heat is absorbed and is radiated out to space.

    • arn says:

      This is also a “problem” within pottholers propaganda for idio…. explanation for experts.

      Besides the fact that his “system” can never ever rebalance itself.As soon as the balance comes down it can never rebelance itself = it is brokem forever.
      His Balance has 2 completely different antagonists.
      One is a rocksolid cube which will not move until you get an imbalance
      of probably 25-30 degress as cubes are rocksolid and static.
      While on the other side he uses a ball which just need a shift of 3-5 degrees to start rolling.

      There is a reason why tyres look like a circle and not like a square.
      If he had used balls on both sides both balls would roll to the shifting side and even the mentally challenged would realise that
      a) the system is forever broken
      b)the system is so fragile that any fart could imbalance it.
      How could such a thing remain stable for tens of thousands of years?

      • EternalOptimist says:

        Not only that..
        what ‘small nudge’ can melt 2 miles of ice to start the positive feedback process in the first place ?

        If he had claimed an ‘unknown but massive force’ both started and then reversed the cycle, he would be right, but then have to explain what that force was. Could it be a giant fusion reactor somewhere in the proximity ? or a few molecules of something floating around the place ?

        the guy is a fruit-loop

  3. Potholer = #Idiot

    The Scales aren’t balanced in his favor, Garbage Analogy..

  4. When I see someone arguing with anonymous sockpuppets, I can’t help wondering if the sockpuppet’s “followers” aren’t likewise equally unidentifiable repetitions or reflections of the same sockpuppet mask. Still using one as a handy foil to expose fallacies to an actual existing audience comprised of thinking individuals with identities makes sense.

  5. Gator says:

    Potheader is pushing the only narrative they have left. The biggest problem with this narrative is that it has been thoroughly discredited by billions of years of observations. CO2 is the caboose, and not the engine. But no amount of logic will ever sway the faithful.

  6. Very interesting video, and a very interesting question: “Why did the warming stop?”

    I wrote a short article on this subject:

    Thanks Tony for your great work!

  7. Squidly says:

    I’ve seen that video before. I laughed at it then too. It is impossible to have a “positive feedback” .. doing so necessarily requires the creation of additional energy .. from what? .. the very notion of positive feedback dictates that something additional must be added to the system .. so what created the extra energy to provide this positive feedback?

    Clearly, a violation of the physical laws that govern our universe.

  8. Mark says:

    Tony – I’ve been watching your videos for several months now and they always make me laugh. G Edward Griffin woke me up to the climate science fraud some years ago and since then I try to learn more about it on a regular basis. We live in a society where so many people are lost in the illusions of corrupted science, driven by agendas that anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should easily recognize. Your work and style are refreshing to me. Keep letting ’em have it! I watched a few Potholer videos and his propaganda pissed me off, including his BS that cellphones are completely safe. I’m a wireless engineer with decades of experience in technical analysis I know better than that. I appreciate your close attention to details that ultimately reveals what’s real and what isn’t. Thank you for your work!!!

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