Winter Of Their Discontent

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2 Responses to Winter Of Their Discontent

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

    I know they try to say that cold weather is evidence for global warming, but let me ask you something, Tony. What really happens with global warming? Please use the fossil record for historical reference.

  2. Zack Perry says:

    Of course the Alarmists will make the case that the low altitude resorts will lose snow and the high altitude resorts will get more participation. It seems clear to me that the US snow fall and pack does not show any pattern other than normal fluctuation. I have a number of European friends that claim the Alps skiing has been greatly affected. Do you have any data on snowfall in the Alps?

    Of course – playing these games is like whack a mole – every perceived change is caused by CO2 and you have to run around and try to claim it isn’t true.

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