GISS Diverging From Reality At A Phenomenal Rate

Gavin is doing an excellent job following in Hansen’s footsteps, keeping GISS global temperatures diverging from reality at a phenomenal rate.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

NASA says that satellite temperatures are much more accurate, but since they don’t fit the computer models predicting warming – NASA simply ignores the satellite readings.


01 Apr 1990 – EARTHWEEK: A DIARY OF THE PLANET Global Warming

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9 Responses to GISS Diverging From Reality At A Phenomenal Rate

  1. ilma630 says:

    But Scmidt *must* be right, as he’s the ‘expert’, and he says we mustn’t question him. Please do keep up – we are now mere peasants in the feudal Schmidt-Gore-Obama nobility, and not allowed to believe factual unadjusted observational data for fear of the Tom Steyer police being dispatched in our direction.

    • _Jim says:

      All of these guys, ‘fighting the last war’ continually and ostensibly for climate control purposes, meanwhile, new technologies are on the horizon BUT they, at present, “represent little opportunity for graft” (as the Instapundit guy Glenn Reynolds puts it!) versus the Billions that can be milked *now* from the ‘carbon-based’ fuels e.g. coal, natural gas and oil markets …


  2. Fred from Canuckistan. says:

    Go to work, collect your pay check, put in another day of pension time, know your data is corrupt and useless but hide the facts from the public. Convince yourself you are a do-gooder, doing necessary work so it is OK to continue the scam . . . The ends justifies the means because you are an environmentalist, a progressive, a good guy helping Obama save the planet.

    Just another day in the Life of Gav.

    Should be in jail, sharing a cell with some Enron dudes.

    • catweazle666 says:

      ” sharing a cell with some Enron dudes.”

      Some sex-starved 20-stone Aryan Nation bikers would be more satisfactory.

  3. philjourdan says:

    It seems that Hansen wanted to keep some semblance of authenticity. Schmidt does not seem to care.

  4. I think it is very possible that at least 1/2 the reason people are fighting to keep the “scare alive” is simply selfish. Either to get additional grants for their own research or so they don’t look like fools and lose their job. At this point a lot of the pushback from the climate elite may simply be survival instinct not political. I know this from personal experience back in the 80s there was a lot of money being spent on AI research. MIT and other universities were getting lots of money from numerous government agencies to fund research that did very little to advance the state of knowledge of AI. Marvin Minsky, one of the founders of AI research finally wrote a seminal article in which he tore apart the existing research efforts saying that what we were doing wasn’t artificial intelligence. Putting “learning” as the name of a variable in a program didn’t mean the program learned.

    When Minsky called the whole thing a joke the money collapsed and AI stopped being researched or talked about for a long time. I don’t know who in the climate elite needs to have the courage like Marvin did to say “we kind of overestimated this thing.” so that we can spend money and time on something more helpful to people now and in the future. I’m not saying we should stop trying to understand the climate and the effects of everything on the climate but can we all admit that the scariest projections look more and more unlikely and even the previously hard-line “consensus” looks unlikely to be achieved. For us to get 3 degrees C from a doubling of CO2 will require a massive discontinuous acceleration of temperatures and be sustained for 8 decades both of which appear to be less and less likely. Not only is temperature behaving as an out of control variable but all the other predicted variables are not meeting expectations. Ice is not melting at the rates expected. Satellite results of various kinds have shown that the antarctic is not losing ice at all, that the mountainous glaciers are melting at 1/4 to 1/10th the rate they were thought to. Since sea temperatures are not rising much we aren’t getting any accelerated rise in sea from temperature. All contributors of sea level rise seem to be more moderate than originally estimated. Predictions of increased storms, increased hurricanes, increased droughts, flooding all seem to be comfortably shown in error. It just isn’t happening. Certainly not at the rates we were told 15 years ago.

    Many of the disastrous predictions like food production decreasing in 2080 depend on massive temperature increases that aren’t happening but even if they did are unbelievable to anybody with any experience in the real world. Our technological progress in genetics and improvement in money for irrigation and other remediation seem to make the idea of decreased food productivity absurd. Predictions of this type about things 80 years in the future are unbelievable because the technology 80 years from now is unknown but undoubtedly much better. It is not credible to talk of impact in the far future.

    Somebody like Hansen or significant needs to just come out and state the truth. It’s just not as bad as we thought. The lack of guts for anyone to do that will hurt more people in the end.

  5. Not only has all the Sun’s energy bypassed the Earth’s Atmosphere to warm just the surface… but go check out Deep Sea Ocean Temps.. its flat out boiling down there… lol !!

    Exactly as the Models predicted … 😉

  6. Andy DC says:

    How to change cooling into warming in two easy steps.

  7. gregole says:


    I ran a similar plot over the weekend; could only shake my head in wonderment…Something bogus is going on at GISS; or RSS is broken; or something.

    Hmmmm – Antarctice sea-ice all time modern high; Arctic ice death spiral just not happening despite the shrillness of the hysteria; Great Lakes ice shatter all records; people from all over the world are on this blog and no one is reporting a super-hot summer. Here in Arizona it has been just typical – it’s hot but not really, really hot in fact it’s been nice this year. Just an awesome spring as well.

    This Man-Made Global Warming thing just isn’t happening. The dire forecasts, I mean scenarios – not happening. We can’t even keep the measuring system straight; and whatever is going on, conceivably absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, is so tiny, so gradual, it can not be measured.

    Global warming is nothing but clever sophistry and playing with temperature data. Pure drivel. It ain’t happening. Just weather.

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