White House Plans To Grant Citizenship To All Mexican Drug Lords, And Considers Farmers To Be Terrorists

Over the past few years, agencies under the Obama administration have been commencing full scale raids on individual farmers, as well as on family farms, under the auspices of non-legislative regulation created by the ATF, EPA, and FDA. These raids focused on several agricultural areas that included the sale of raw milk, grazing on federal lands, water collection and usage, and the raising of certain categories of swine.  On April 23rd however, the stakes got much higher for the individual farmer as the FDA is now using the terrorist based “Bank Secrecy Act” as justification to invade, investigate, and even confiscate the bank accounts of Americans in the agricultural business.

Obama administration extends attacks on farmers by confiscating bank accounts – National Finance Examiner | Examiner.com

h/t to Gail Combs

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21 Responses to White House Plans To Grant Citizenship To All Mexican Drug Lords, And Considers Farmers To Be Terrorists

  1. jdseanjd says:

    Or, put in search box : SEEDS OF DEATH – FULL MOVIE
    1 hr 20 mins, May 2013.
    Monsatan GMO seeds.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Thanks to REPUBLICAN Senator Burr, The US farmer is now governed by the World Trade Organization. The Food Safety Modernization Act that he Co-sponsored (after assuring me he was against it so I voted for him) contains the mandate that the USA will abide by WTO rules.

    So why is having an international group in control of independent US farmers bad?

    The WTO and the Politics of GMO

    By F. William Engdahl

    [The USA]… in the GATT defined GM seeds as harmless and unregulated as to health and safety issues.** Further, it made sure this principle was carried over into the new WTO in the form of the WTO Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement (SPS), which stated, ‘Food standards and measures aimed at protecting people from pests or animals can potentially be used as a deliberate barrier to trade.’ Other WTO rules in the Agreement to Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) forbid member countries using domestic standards or testing, food safety laws, product standards, calling them an ‘unfair barrier to trade.’

    The net effect has been to allow the powerful monopoly of five grain trading giants—Cargill, ADM, Bunge, Andre (formerly) and Louis Dreyfus—to dramatically increase the dumping of food commodities globally, ruining millions of family farmers worldwide in the process, while maximizing their private corporate profits. Once China fully implements WTO rules in the next several years, it is estimated that 200 million Chinese farmers will be ruined, feeding the human labor pool for even cheaper wages in the cities of China to compete with European or US workers.

    The effect of the dumping by the huge grain cartel companies under WTO rules has been indebtedness and bankruptcy foreclosure for millions of farmers. Since WTO came from 1995 to 2992 US net farm income fell by 16%. USDA government subsidies go overwhelming to factory farming and agribusiness cartel interests such as Cargill, ADM and the like, not family farmers.

    The AoA, which was written by the US-dominated giant grain trading interests and the agribusiness allies such as Cargill, ADM, Monsanto and DuPont, serves only the agenda of these global supranational private companies, whose sole aim is to maximize stock gains and profits, regardless of human consequences. Their focus is the domination of the $1 trillion global agriculture trade. Notably, the actual author of the AoA of WTO was Daniel Amstutz, a former Vice President of Cargill Grain, who was at the time in the Washington US Trade Representative’s Office, before going back to the grain trade….

    A private patent monopoly on natural plants or life is absurd. Yet the WTO, on pressure from Monsanto, Washington and the GMO agribusiness cartel, has become the policeman to ram GMO down the throats of the world, using TRIPS to demand countries open their borders to untested GMO plants. A patent blocks any person except the patent holder from even using the patented product, in this case GMO seeds from Monsanto, Syngenta and others who control the GMO seed market worldwide….

    Who controls WTO?

    Almost never does someone ask ‘who really controls the WTO?’ The question is of utmost importance for the future of global food security…..

    The four WTO controlling countries, known as the QUAD countries, are USA, Canada, Japan and the EU. In the QUAD, in turn, the giant agri-business multinationals exercise controlling influence, most clearly in Washington.

    Under the secretive WTO rules, countries can challenge another’s laws for restricting their trade. The case is then heard by a tribunal or court of three trade bureaucrats. They are usually influential corporate lawyers.

    The lawyers have no conflict of interest rules binding them, such that a Monsanto lawyer can rule on a case of material interest to Monsanto. Incredibly, the names of the judges are kept secret! Further, there is no rule that the judges of WTO respect any national laws of any country. The three judges meet in secret without revealing the time or location. All court documents are confidential and cannot be published. It is a modern version of the Spanish Inquisition with far more power.

    The powerful private interests who control WTO agriculture policy prefer to remain in the background as little-publicized NGO’s. One of the most influential in creating the WTO in the first place was an organization called the IPC or the International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council or International Policy Council, for short.

    The IPC was created in 1987 explicitly to drive home the GATT agriculture rules of WTO at Uruguay talks. The IPC demands removal of ‘high tariff’ barriers in developing countries, remaining silent on the massive government subsidy to agribusiness in the USA.

    IPC: International Policy Council on Agriculture, Food and Trade.
    A look at the IPC membership will explain what interests it represents.

    Go to the article for a long list of Who’s Who in the IPC.

    ** Monsanto’s Lawyer Michael Taylor while in the FDA nearly twenty years ago declared the FDA “knew nothing of significant differences, and declared GMOs substantially equivalent,” despite the fact that ” agency scientists were certain that gene-sliced foods were greatly different, which could, in turn, lead to “different risks” than those posed by conventional foods.”

    In May of this year, the Academy of Environmental Medicine also concluded that studies in animals have shown that there is at least a causal relationship between GM foods and infertility, faster aging, poor insulin regulation, changes to major organs and the gastrointestinal system, immune problems (asthma, allergies and inflammation).

    And in July, a report by eight renowned international experts concluded that weak, superficial evaluations of GMOs by regulators and biotech companies alike “systematically overlook the side effects” and greatly underestimate “the initial signs of diseases like cancer and diseases of the hormonal, immune, nervous and reproductive systems, among others.”

    “If GMOs are indeed responsible for massive sickness and death,” writes Smith, “then the individual who oversaw the FDA policy that facilitated their introduction holds a uniquely infamous role in human history.”

    That person, he says, is Taylor….

    But that is OK Obummer has Taylor back in the FDA so he is well protected {:>D

    NOTE: I have no problem with the idea of GMOs IF THEY ARE TESTED CORRECTLY!

    • 2hotel9 says:

      Who was the actual author of this, and what is their party affiliation? RINOs jumping on the bandwagon of the moment is nothing to get impressed by, and of course hhe lied, no reason to get upset by that, lying is what they ALL do.

  3. NotAGolfer says:

    I really think you should separate your climate change posts from other political issues. It likely makes it harder for left leaning folks to give your climate facts the attention they deserve. Maybe start a political blog that’s separate from the science one?

    • annieoakley says:

      Don’t do this. Post them here. The lefties aren’t interested in facts. Liberals have made thinking a hate crime. “Thinking is a hate crime” Phrase attributable to Evan Sayet.

    • DedaEda says:

      Sceptics are not the ones who politicized climate, it was the left leaning folks, buddy! Why the hell should this site make concessions to your sensibilities?????? Doesn’t rest of the media do enough to please you?

  4. 2hotel9 says:

    Its has been long past time for American citizens to STOP giving government access to and control of their personal finacial and business information. It is none of the government’s(all levels of government) f**king business what citizens do with their own money, propety or lives.

  5. phodges says:

    Welcome to the USSA. Your government asserts the right to kidnap and murder you, while those who advocate the rule of law they call terrorists.

    Your enemy is not Russia, China, or the BRIC block….is your own financial/political elite.

  6. Eric Simpson says:

    Obama administration extends attacks on farmers by confiscating bank accounts

    Yeah, and as I posted yesterday, the Dept of “Homeland Security” is, apparently for some kind of violations of Obama’s EPA rules, confiscating real property of everyday people. This is asset forfeiture gone wild. Here’s a video on it:

    • _Jim says:

      That’s insane; the man should have at least salvage rights to the vehicle (allowing him to ‘part out’ the car), even if it’s not ‘legal’ to be operated on the streets.

      Again, that’s insane.

      Kings and Queens through their minions used to ‘act’ on their subject that way. I thought we (the US) were beyond this.

      Can a kind, caring, understanding, insightful liberal like Peace1999 shed any light on why a government would act like this, outside of ‘due process’ with regard to the possession of property?


      • Gail Combs says:

        _Jim back eons ago on WUWT I mentioned FEAR Forfeiture Endangers American Rights this is just another example.

        Incredible as it sounds, civil asset forfeiture laws allow the government to seize property without charging anyone with a crime. Until FEAR achieved the nation’s first major federal forfeiture law reform at the turn of the millenium, the government was allowed to keep whatever property it seized without ever having to prove a case. Seized property was presumed guilty and could be forfeited based upon mere hearsay—even a tip supplied by by an informant who stood to gain up to 25% of the forfeited assets. Owners were forced into the untenable situation of trying to prove a negative—that something never happened, even though no proof of any illegal act had been offered at trial. Newspapers and television stories across the nation documented hundreds of cases of innocent citizens wrongfully deprived of their homes, businesses and livelihoods. Eighty percent of property forfeited to the US during the previous decade was seized from owners who were never even charged with a crime!….

      • _Jim says:

        Forfeiture has been around for awhile; that it has reached epidemic proportions and in light of every other abuse in government today puts all this in a new light …

        I’m still incensed that the IRS is allowed to give (effectively and figuratively) financial strip searches at will and without due process. This should everyone on the nation (exc perhaps pols and tax collectors) incensed to the point that enactment of a national sales tax would be a cake walk.

        But, I reckon the majority of the nation LIKES the potential of a ‘financial strip search’ in their future …


        • Gail Combs says:

          _Jim the governments, state and federal are after every dollar they can get from the citizenry, legally or illegally. California is even taking to grabbing the contents in safe deposit boxes!

          California Seizing Safe Deposit Boxes to Balance Budget

          The State of California turned their unclaimed property program into a $5.1 billion slush fund. Over the years, and through multiple budget crises, California reduced the holding period for unclaimed property from 15 years down to three. Desperate to pay for their political largesse, Californian legislators even pushed to reduce the holding time for rightful owners to claim their property down to only 1 year.

          They stopped sending notices to the rightful owners too. In an internal memo obtained by ABC News, the lawyer for California’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property objected to efforts to find the owners because “It could well result in additional claims of monies that would otherwise flow into the general fund.”…..

          One lady who visited the bank regularly because she had a checking account had her box seized and lost $82,500 worth of jewelry and important papers she needed upon the death of her husband. (They had been shredded.) To add insult to injury her address was on the documents and is six blocks from the bank! (Bank of America) She also paid the bank fees for the box on time.

  7. _Jim says:

    On April 23rd however, the stakes got much higher for the individual farmer as the FDA is now using the terrorist based “Bank Secrecy Act”

    Maybe some are not aware (not everyone reads everyone else’s flavor of website) that this seems to be also be a consequence of “Operation Choke Point”. Opening excerpt from:


    explaining same

    – – – – – –
    Operation Choke Point
    By Iain Murray
    July 31, 2014 12:30 PM

    Can the government shut down legal but politically disfavored businesses? If an ongoing federal regulatory campaign continues, that may be precisely what happens, as I detail in a comprehensive new report published today by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

    In recent months, a federal government regulatory initiative called Operation Choke Point has gained increased public and media attention. Operation Choke Point is ostensibly a joint effort by various regulatory entities—the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) most prominent among them—to reduce the chances of Americans falling victim to fraud in a variety of “high-risk” industries, predominantly payday lending. It uses existing regulatory powers to provide heightened supervision of banks that do business with the third-party payment processors that provide payment services to these industries.

    However, this seemingly laudable aim conceals a worrying reality. There is nothing illegal about most of these industries (at least not yet). But because they have been designated high-risk, banks are cutting off dealings with many processors and companies preemptively. As a result, many companies and individuals that have done nothing wrong have been frozen out of banking services.Without the links to banks, their financial lifeblood is choked off indeed.

    Operation Choke Point echoes—and may in fact be modeled on—the federal government’s takedown of the otherwise legal American online poker industry in 2011. In that instance, regulators targeted payment processors that dealt with gambling businesses. As a result, banks became wary of doing business with those targeted payment processors. Finding their lifeblood cut off, some companies had no choice but to turn to less scrupulous processors or disguise transactions with them, leading to criminal liability—which in turn allows DOJ to close down the industry. Operation Choke Point appears to be heading down this road.

    – – – – –


  8. 2hotel9 says:

    This mobile device notification system needs tuning up! Just now recieved this reply and I use this tablet to read WUWT several times a week.

    And yes. THAT is a major component of the problem.

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