Innoculating The Public Against Climate FundraisingTactics

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The big melt: Antarctica’s retreating ice reshapes Earth – The Santa Fe New Mexican: News

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24 Responses to Innoculating The Public Against Climate FundraisingTactics

  1. emsnews says:

    Yes, they popped up yet another goofy story about ‘the ice is MELTING’

    Well, it ain’t melting here on my mountain! Below zero AGAIN last night! This is insanely cold for this time of year.

  2. gator69 says:

    I see a comment ban coming!

  3. Byron says:

    Of course in the warmists twisted view of reality the poles are just supposed to continually gain ice and never lose any at all ….ever. In the real world it’s the net mass of the ice sheet that’s relevant so unless there’s been something radical happen recently there’s a net GAIN of ice mass of 49 Gt/Yr and that’s according to NASA’s own Jay ” Arctic Ocean ice-free by 2012″ Zwally

  4. JeffK says:

    The ice is melting there because Antarctica’s cold center is expanding, creating newer ice there, growing and pushing out the old ice. But “experts” tell the lazy AP only half that story, implying it’s from global warming when it’s a mini ice age pattern instead.

  5. emsnews says:

    Antarctica is freezing up again even though it is still summer (the fringes along the ocean, that is…the center never got anywhere near above freezing at all at any point).

  6. Stephen Richards says:

    emsnews says:

    February 28, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    Antarctica is freezing up again even though it is still summer (the fringes along the ocean, that is…the center never got anywhere near above freezing at all at any point).

    No, and it never does and never will until antarctica moves further north.

  7. Byron says:

    Aaaaand the parts of the Antarctic where actual thermometers were set records for the coldest June since records began . During June 2014 at the Météo-France base Dumont d’Urville, the average temperature was -22.4 ° C, which is 6.6 ° C lower than normal and the lowest since 1956 plus June also saw the lowest record ever for the base at -34.9 ° C besting the previous record by -1.5 ° C.

    And on July 30th 2014 the British Antarctic Survey recorded their lowest temperature ever at their Halley VI base

  8. gator69 says:

    My brother, who works at NASA, just sent me this video. Looks like more budget cuts for the space program and another partner in the International Space Station…

  9. emsnews says:

    Oh, man, am I jealous! In Arizona during the 1960’s we all set off a lot of homemade craft like this but nothing THIS big! I like how the last man gave the huge ring a big push to make it spin.

  10. BallBounces says:

    If you close your eyes real tight and concentrate, you can feel the Antarctic ice melting beneath your feet.

  11. From IPCC WGIAR5 Chapter 13: Sea Levels
    Figure 13.6 – 2005 to 2012.3 – 20 mm sea level rise. 20/7.3 = 2.74 mm (0.108”)/year * (2100-2012.5)/25.4 = 9.46”. (Rate extrapolated to 2100.)
    Figure 13.7 – 1910 to 2100 – observed and modeled rise – plus 180 mm = 7.08”, .98”/yr.
    Figure 13.7 – 1960 to 2010 – observed and modeled rise – plus 100 mm = 3.94”, 0.079”/yr (7.11” by 2100)
    Figure 13.7 – 1990 to 2010 – observed and modeled rise – plus 50 mm = 1.97”, 0.098”/yr (8.82” by 2100)
    Figure 13.7 – 1994 to 2010 – observed rise – plus 55 mm = 2.17”, .136”/yr (12.24” by 2100).
    Figure 13.9 – predicted rise by year 2100 for each of the RCP scenarios, Slangen and van de Wal: RCP 2.6: 110 mm or 4.3”, RCP 4.5: 145 mm or 5.7”, RCP 6.0: 170 mm or 6.7”, RCP 8.5: 214 mm or 8.43”.
    Table 13.5 – RCP2.6: 600 mm, RCP 4.5: 440 mm, RCP6.0: 550 mm, RCP8.5: 740 mm.
    Table 13.8 – medium scenario, median of range: year 2100: 425 mm (16.7”), year 2200: 675 mm (26.6”), year 2300: 890 mm (35.0”), year 2400: 1055 mm (41.5”), year 2500: 1250 mm (49.2”)

    The projected worst case cause for the current hysteria doesn’t happen for 485 years.

  12. chick20112011 says:

    ‘Children in Britain won’t know what snow is.’
    From 2000
    From 2014 pics of the snow chaos and one of children sledding. (shock, it’s still cold, snow, and winter)

  13. Ken Barber says:

    It was insanely cold here in Santa Fe when I got up this morning. Colder than it has been since I arrived here nearly two months ago.

    What a laugh that the Useful Idiots in charge of the daily rag here decided to run this story on this, of all mornings.

  14. Mike D says:

    Gee, if it weren’t for evaporation and precipitation, think of the horror of all that water from melted ice ending up in the ocean.

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