US Hurricanes And Tornadoes At A Record Low

US hurricane strikes peaked in the 1880’s, and have been plummeting ever since. The past ten years has been the quietest on record in the US, with only 8 hurricane strikes. Compare with 1879-1888 when the US was hit by 28 hurricanes.

ScreenHunter_3463 Oct. 14 21.59

HURDAT Re-analysis

Similarly, the past four years have been the quietest on record for US tornadoes.

torngraph-big (1) torngraph-big.png (1000×650)

ScreenHunter_3461 Oct. 14 21.24

Deaths from tornadoes are also at a record low.

ustornadodeath2000_26874_image001 (1)

US Annual Tornado Death Tolls, 1875-present – NOAA Weather Partners

Climate alarmists don’t talk about these inconvenient facts, because they completely wreck their scam. So instead they make up fraudulent statistics about “thousand year floods” and other complete nonsense.

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