Your Turn To Choose


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13 Responses to Your Turn To Choose

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    For which job? First Spouse finger-wagging?

    No contest—the one and only!

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Yikes! The comparison is scary, not just on appearance, but on personal history and integrity.

    HRC – Alinsky idol, released from the Watergate inquiry for lying, leader of the “Bimbo eruptions unit” during Bubba’s first term and responsible for destroying the reputations of any woman who was victimized by her serial-abuser husband, architect of the White House Travel Office pay-for-play scandal, failed architect of the first attempt at single-payer government-run health care, thief of numerous public treasures when the Clintons were finally dismissed from the White House, corrupt Senator from New York, phenomenally corrupt Secretary of State, pathological liar about her culpability for the loss of lives and security in Benghazi, evidently criminal custodian of public records and state secrets with her patently illegal home-grown e-mail server, etc., etc.

    MT – Hard-working, accomplished naturalized American who has achieved personal success in highly competitive environments

    Hmmmmmm – tough choice.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    Quick, Quick pass the mind bleach!

    Luckily, I just saw all of Trump’s family up on stage. A great way of clearing those images from the mind without the use of mind bleach!

    • Me says:

      Ya see, as a Canadian, I was for Trump, I don’t need to say anymore than he is the alternative to the liberals, And that means those up here too. Because they know the things they are doing in Canada are the same as what Zero is doing doen there. I voted Harper in the last election here, and well I knew it was a lost cause but I stayed true.

  4. Adam Gallon says:

    Well, I know which one I’d kick out of bed.
    Apparently Monica Lewinski says she’ll not be voting Clinton, last time she did, it left a nasty taste in her mouth.

  5. Ralph says:

    Left or right.. TOUGH choice!

  6. James Anderson says:

    I just vomited in my oatmeal.

  7. R Shearer says:

    We won’t be hearing from Chelsea’s aborted siblings.

  8. Krakatoa says:

    Hillary has a 50% chance of getting the Blind American vote.

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