Annual Collapse Of The Arctic Meltdown Scam

A few weeks ago experts were telling us that the Arctic sea ice was going to be a record low, or completely ice-free. During May, winds pushed the ice edge back in the Beaufort Sea leading to endless predictions of doom.

Nothing much has changed since then in the Beaufort Sea.

2016-07-13050915 – Daily Satellite Images + Observations, 6-N73.69945-W137.50963

Extent is almost identical to other recent years.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Temperatures have been cold near the North Pole.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Temperatures are forecast to remain cold over the Beaufort Sea for the rest of the month.


10-Day Temperature Outlook

Greenland ice gain has been above normal.


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The press is full of fake stories by fake scientists about a fake Greenland meltdown and a fake Arctic sea ice collapse. But that is just how the world works in 2016.

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4 Responses to Annual Collapse Of The Arctic Meltdown Scam

  1. gator69 says:

    Looks like that 1981-2000 meaningless mean is getting stale. Next year it should be updated to 1997-2016.

  2. weatherdome says:

    I guess that means it’s going to be rough sailing for the Crystal Serenity when she heads out on August 1 to navigate the Northwest Passage.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Less than a month before the temperatures head south.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    My favourite scam right now is the Solar Impulse.
    It cost 150 million Euro and has a cruising air speed of 70km/hr. It is simply a promo for solar panel companies and the UN carbon tax scam.

    Fedor Konyukhov’s balloon cost more than 145 million Euro less than Solar Impulse and is cruising across Australia at over 90km/hr
    In 48 hours he has travelled from west coast of Australia to NSW border or almost 3000 km.

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