Another Cruz Ship Disaster


Influential Donors Criticize Ted Cruz for His G.O.P. Convention Speech – The New York Times

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  1. TA says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what Ted was thinking. He has certainly done a lot of damage to himself politically. Ted is good on the issues, but it takes more than that.

    Self-inflicted wounds are a big problem for some Republican politicians. They need to fix that, and keep their focus on the political opposition, not wasting time doing personal damage control. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    There was a lot of unnecessary nastiness in the campaign but when the fight is over I expect that the people I support see the big picture clearly enough to rein in their emotions and do the right thing to unify the party. I’m rarely disappointed in politicians but I share the Mercers’ view.

  3. gator69 says:

    President Obama’s Kenyan half-brother wants to make America great again — so he’s voting for Donald Trump.

    “I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart,” Malik Obama told The Post from his home in the rural village of Kogelo. “Make America Great Again is a great slogan. I would like to meet him.”

    Obama, 58, a longtime Democrat, said his “deep disappointment” in his brother Barack’s administration has led him to recently switch allegiance to “the party of Lincoln.”

    Even Malik gets it.

  4. Steve Keohane says:

    Who could have guessed we’d only have one political party in 2016?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Carroll Quigley in 1966. The Uni-party has been the goal for a long time. How many times has a law been repealed HMMMmmmm?

      “The chief problem of American political life for a long time has been how to make the two congressional parties more national and international. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so the that American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

      – quote from Tragedy and Hope, 1966 by Carroll Quigley, member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton,

  5. Bart says:

    Meanwhile Trump is bowing down in servitude to the globalists:

    “…Trump announced that heading up his own personal fundraising operation as national finance chairman will be Steven Mnuchin, a long-time business associate, chairman and CEO of the hedge fund Dune Capital. More importantly, however, he spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs where he was most recently a Partner…”

    “…After digging a little deeper, it turns out Mnuchin has an even more surprising former employer: none other than democratic political financier, billionaire, and Hillary Clinton donor George Soros”

  6. Martin Hertzberg says:

    Cruz’s Ideals? Hogwash! He plans to pick up the pieces after the Trump disaster plays out.

  7. Bruce says:

    Don’t talk about the pledge that Trump repudiated himself.

    Cruz, Lee and a small handful are the only Republicans worth a damn.

    Never again will I vote a straight Republican ticket. I will have to know the guy is a conservative before I vote for him. The rest of the party has gone to hell and can stay there.

    • tonyheller says:

      The endless crying continues …..

      • Gail Combs says:

        Not to mention the sly twisting of words. Remember the Wikileak shows the DNC gives the US MSM their marching orders INCLUDING Fox, and the Wall Street Journal.

        Trump is now, as the nominee, expected to raise money FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
        To quote

        Trump said in a statement. “He brings unprecedented experience and expertise to a fundraising operation that will benefit the Republican Party and ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton.”

        He has been going to fund raisers for the REPUBLICAN PARTY. We who support Trump are very careful to donate to Trump at his website and not to any of the various PACs raising money in his name.

        Actually some are pure scams.

        The DNC trolls seem to have swallowed the DNC line that republicans are low info and low IQ, given the comments you are getting Tony.

  8. Andy H says:

    Wait, I thought the Donald was good because he said big donors were bad, now it’s bad when a guy doesn’t please a big donor. Well, that’s the continuing job of a Trumpist – to explain away contradiction and pretend the primaries aren’t over yet.

  9. Gail Combs says:

    And Wikileaks shows that Hillary PAYS young operatives to comment on Social media. (Astroturf)

    <a href=""BUSTED: Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Spending $1 Million on Social Media Trolls


    ….A Super PAC headed by a longtime Clinton operative is spending $1 million to hire online trolls to “correct” Bernie Sanders’ supporters on social media.

    Correct The Record (CTR), which is operated by Clinton attack dog and new owner of Blue Nation Review David Brock, launched a new initiative this week called “Barrier Breakers 2016” for the purpose of debating supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders — or “Bernie Bros,” as they’re referred to in Correct the Record’s press official release — on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

    The “Barrier Breakers” will also publicly thank Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates and fans for supporting her campaign. The paid trolls are professional communicators, coming from public relations and media backgrounds.

    “The task force staff’s backgrounds are as diverse as the community they will be engaging with and include former reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans who have led groups similar to those with which the task force will organize,” CTR stated….

    This April story is backed-up by a Wikileak Email.

    Now it would seem they are focused on Trump instead of Bernie.

    Hey Trolls, do you get paid a flat fee, by the word or by the hour???? What is the rate?

    • Ross says:

      I think this tactic is used by the climate warmist crowd as well. I note on several sites I read regularly ( political , business and others) there is resident poster(s) supporting the warmist view and they are all quickly supported with the relevant facts/ lines /BS to present the case. I’m sure they must be paid to do it.

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