Before DDT

Before the invention of DDT, government controlled mosquitoes by putting people in cages.


24 Jan 1903, Page 4 – Reading Times at

Al Gore says that DDT is evil.


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5 Responses to Before DDT

  1. RAH says:

    Through out human history Malaria has killed more humans than anything else ever has and continues to do so today. Even using DDT and other protective measures and Atabrine during WW II there was an island in the pacific where the strain of Falciparum was so deadly they gave up trying to build and airfield and abandoned the island.

    There are four basic types of Malaria. Falciparum, Malariae, Vivax, and Ovale. Falciparum is by far the deadliest. Ovale, while the rarest of the types seen, is also a particularly nasty sucker since it’s the gift that keeps on giving and can be impossible to cure. This is the type that a person can relapse into every few months even years after the initial infection despite state of the art treatment. Vivax is the most common type.

    I just get sick of the news coming out with some new hype about West Nile or Zika or what ever when every single day both young and old die from Malaria in Africa and other places and it goes unnoticed. When you have mothers bringing their shivering and suffering infants and young kids to you covered in dried mud (They roll them in the mud to help abate the fever) because the local Shamans cures have not worked or have attended older people dying from black water fever you can’t save then you gain an appreciation for what Malaria is and does that cannot be conveyed in words. And knowing it could have virtually eliminated long ago with a fraction of the money they spend on crap you also get so angry from the pure BS you see on TV that you have to walk out before you go ballistic. My experiances in Liberia and Nigeria changed me forever when it comes to stuff like that.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      RAH, I generally do not avoid acknowledging the horrendous things happening in the world but the materials I’ve seen and read about malaria in those countries made me as sick as some of the worst man-made war atrocities.

      I can only imagine what it was like witnessing it there.

  2. Tim A says:

    My friend grew up in the Panama Canal Zone and he told me how they’d run through the sprinklers on the back of the DDT trucks. He really hates Obama, so I think that proves how dangerously damaging that can be.?

  3. Scott says:

    “Silent Spring” was one of the most truly damaging tomes to have ever been imposed upon the public.

    It, along with “The Population Bomb”, were perhaps two of most unscientifically written pieces of propaganda ever.

    Both were just the predecessors of disaster films dramas on the horizon and like them, just as much folly and fantasy.

    The world needs to wake up. “Theres’ got to be a morning after” (with all due respect to the “Poseidon Adventure”.

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