July 5, 1936 – One Of The Hottest Days In US History

July 5, 1936 was one of the hottest days in US history, with South Dakota reaching 120 degrees and much of Montana over 110 degrees.

GANNVALLEY4NW_SD_MaximumTemperatureOnADayOfYear_Jul_5_1850_2015 KENNEBEC_SD_MaximumTemperatureOnADayOfYear_Jul_5_1850_2015



If this happened now, experts would be 100% certain it was due to global warming, and call for immediate world communism to fix it.

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  1. LOL in Oregon says:

    But of course!
    They need more money to study it! Send MONEY!
    After all,
    their mama’s told they are the best and brightest 3 year olds,
    … and this is how they get chicks now that they are 13!
    They’se is the best and brightest, just ask’em
    ….after all, their friends got them their fantastic position/salary/benefits/….
    (besides, Einstein couldn’t read a thermometer, none of those guys could)

  2. Tom Andersons says:

    The hottest air temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was 134 °F (56.7 °C) on July 10, 1913, at Furnace Creek, which is the hottest atmospheric temperature ever recorded on earth. During the heat wave that peaked with that record, five consecutive days reached 129 °F (54 °C) or above.

  3. garyh845 says:

    Curious, I am. Is there a link to the data for the graphs? Appreciate it.

    • ItsGettingHotinHereSo says:

      The graphs are produced by the analytical tool he built.

      I do have a question for Tony. Some of your graphs use a 5 point mean and some use a 11 point mean. How do you decide how many points to use.

  4. Andy DC says:

    In 1935-1936 there seemingly was a climate crisis.

    September 1935-Most intense hurricane in US history (Florida Keys)
    February 1936-Coldest month on record for much of the US. Places in North Dakota fell to -60 F and temperature did not rise above 0 F in ND for 6 straight weeks!
    March 1936-Catastrophic record flooding from Maine to Virginia and west to Ohio.
    April 1936-Tornado killed 200+ in Tupelo, MS. Following day tornado hits Gainesville, GA and kills another 200+.
    July 1936-Worst heatwave in US history. Temperatures reached 120+ over several central states. Widespread 105-115 temperatures went on for days over much of the US and Canada. Not heat index, actual temperatures!

    FDR should have seized absolute power and declared martial law to fight the climate crisis. Also joined with Stalin to form a world communist dictatorship. Skeptics to the gas chamber! He was not nearly as smart or diabolical as Hillary or Uncle Bernie.

  5. RickS says:

    120°+ in South Dakota is unreal ! That’s Death Valley/Indio/Baker temperatures and having occurred not very far from the Canadian Border makes it even more incredible !

    In California you can reach much lower temperatures within 2 hours (Even Phoenix has an escape in Flagstaff roughly 2hrs North/Vegas Mt. Charleston 1hr Northwest) but in South Dakota, the Rockies are far more than 2 hours away/West, so you’re stuck in the heat !!

    And for people unprepared and unused to 120° temperatures, that is deadly !!!

    I would have lost a bet on this one, 110° possible, 120° not…

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