Record Breaking Heatwave In The US

The heatwave of 2016 has been notable in that so far this summer the area of the US to reach 100F (38C) has been the lowest on record. During the 1930’s, more than 70% of the US reached 100F every year, but now less than 30% of the US typically reaches 100F


During 1936, only New England and Florida were spared 100 degree weather.


More than 20% of US stations set their all-time record maximum temperature during 1936.


Government climate scientists say that hot days are becoming more common in the US, because they are paid to push political agendas by politicians in Washington DC.

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5 Responses to Record Breaking Heatwave In The US

  1. Latitude says:

    I thought in 1936…they were too stupid to read a thermometer…and did it at the wrong time of the day

    • Andy DC says:

      Yes, in 1936, thermometers were read by straight, white males, some with Confederate flags, thus there was not enough inclusiveness to consider the readings accurate. The readings were obviously racist, sexist and homophobic, thus must be discarded from the record.

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  3. TA says:

    Those charts make NASA and NOAA’s claims of any year in the 21st century being the “Hottest Year Evah!” just plain silly.

    If the Alarmists didn’t have a bogus Hockey Stick surface temperature chart to point to, they wouldn’t have anything to hang their hat on.

    Keep whittling away at that Hockey Stick, Tony.

  4. Jimd1958 says:

    Tony, you need to be put on Emergency Broadcast System. Take over all airwaves on a Tuesday evening at 8pm and dispense your data to the masses for 3 hours.

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