Ship Of Fools Update

Our intrepid explorers have discovered that there is ice hundreds of miles from where it is shown on the maps. And they are worried about it.



Saw our first ICE today on my watch, just an hour ago. What is slightly worrying, it didn’t show up on the Radar. It’s probably good for the big icebergs, but not low ice in the water. I think we will see a lot more of that before the trip is out. You can’t beat that old eyeball.

They say that their mission is to prove that the ice is melting due to global warming”


However they are spending their time waiting, drinking and swearing – and now believe that success of their mission depends on “strong southerly winds.”  Apparently they believe that strong southerly winds never happened before global warming.


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Their route is completely blocked, and the clouds which have been covering the Northeast Passage for the past month are not going anywhere. The sun is getting lower and lower every day and the Northeast Passage is not going to melt this year.


However, the Northeast Passage was navigated 140 years ago, before climate change, before the Internet, before satellites, before radar and before electric light.



Facts don’t matter to climate alarmists. Like all religious fanatics, they maintain their beliefs in defiance of all evidence. But this has been going on since before Professor Nordenskjold  navigated the Northeast Passage,

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10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)

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