Scientific American 1904 : Alpine And Greenland Glaciers Retreating “Very Considerably”

In 1904, Scientific American reported that alpine glaciers had receded considerably for a long period of years, and that the Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland had retreated eight miles in 53 years – about two feet per day.

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Scientific American: Supplement – Google Books

According to NASA. Earth was cooling and those were the coldest years on record.graph (4)

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5 Responses to Scientific American 1904 : Alpine And Greenland Glaciers Retreating “Very Considerably”

  1. GoFigure says:

    Our current warming (such s it is) began, by definition, at the first bottom (low temp) during the Little Ice Age, in about the low to mid 1600s. That’s two hundred years BEFORE co2 level began rising, so a NATURAL warming. But wait…. co2 didn’t start increasing until about the mid 1800s, and – at an average 2 ppmv annually, it would have taken at least another 100 years before co2 level could have possibly had any impact on our temperature measurement instruments. So, we were continuing to record just natural temperature variation, now up to 300 years until about 1950.

    But wait (some more) …. There was a mild cooling from the 1940s to the 1970s, so clearly co2 level had no impact until after that THE warming, according to our weather satellites was from 1975 to 1998. There was no additional warming after the 97/98 el Nino. That’s a bit over two decades of warmig followed (so far) by a bit less than two decades of no additional warming.

    But wait ! Isn’t there usually a follow-up la Nina (a cooling and also a NATURAL event?

    Oh, I forgot, the IPCC claims that human activity is the PRINCIPLE cause of our climate change/disruption/whatever.

  2. GoFigure says:

    No problem. NASA will just purchase all existing old copies.

  3. TA says:

    The actual written record makes the NASA temperature claims look absurd.

    Hansen would have been better off studying old newspaper clippings, rather than tree rings, if he wanted the truth about past temperatures. But truth wasn’t his objective.

    Truth *is* Tony’s objective though, and we are so happy about that. :)

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