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The Scambos Scam Continues

NSIDC’s Ted Scambos says that a late summer storm which broke up Arctic sea ice and temporarily brought the nearly meaningless 15% extent metric down to 2007 levels, proves global warming. For the Media | 2016 ties with 2007 for second … Continue reading

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Climate Fraudster Of The Century

James Hansen is nuts, but he probably believes some of his own BS. Gavin Schmidt on the other hand appears to have no shame or integrity. His claims of record heat while ignoring contrary data, represent the biggest fraud in science history. … Continue reading

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Why Malcolm Roberts Is So Important

The Guardian normally refuses to print climate opinions from anyone who doesn’t commit climate fraud for a living. But Senator Roberts forces them out of that mode. Debunking Malcolm Roberts: the case against a climate science denier | Environment | The … Continue reading

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Malcolm Roberts First Speech To The Australian Senate

Australia has a serious climate skeptic in their Senate now. This video is Malcolm Roberts first speech.

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The Heatwave Of September 15, 1927

The year 1927 brought the worst floods in US history, and the worst floods in Vermont history. It also brought the hottest September 15 on record in the US. September 15 temperatures have plummeted in the US over the past … Continue reading

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If The Present Refuses To Get Warmer, The Past Must Become Cooler

Gavin actually does both. He cools the past and warms the present, and has managed to nearly triple 1880-1980 warming over the past 15 years – through good old-fashioned data tampering. 2001 version  2016 version Gavin seems very concerned about being subpoenaed … Continue reading

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