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September 2, 1947

On this date in 1947, there were 100 degree temperatures from coast to coast, and everywhere but the Northeast was over 90 degrees. It was 118 in California, 113 in Arizona and 109 at Sedan, Kansas. Today’s forecast high at Sedan … Continue reading

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Looking Behind The Curtain In The Arctic

arctic.io – Daily Satellite Images + Observations, 4-N90-E0 Arctic alarmists are back at their usual scam of attributing the breakup of ice caused by early winter storms to “global warming.” It is a shell game to divert attention away from … Continue reading

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Mark Serreze Says SOF Could Sail To The North Pole

Star-News Mark “Arctic Is Screaming” Serreze says the Ship of Fools could sail to the North Pole. After unusual Arctic storms, sea ice coverage in region is plummeting I plotted out their route across ten foot thick ice to get there. … Continue reading

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