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NOAA Sets An All-Time Fraud Record In August

NOAA says August was the hottest month on record, but they may have pushed their luck a little too far this time. They show countries in southern Africa like Namibia and Angola as the hottest ever during August. Global Analysis … Continue reading

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George Bush To Vote For A Sick, Corrupt, Disloyal Criminal

George H.W. Bush to vote for Clinton, reports say He put Bill Clinton in office, his son put Obama in office, and now he wants to put Hillary in office.

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Ten Feet Of Sea Level Rise In Oregon Before 1963

According to the University of Oregon, sea level rose there more than 10 feet during the past 500 years. 9 May 1963, Page 6 – Medford Mail Tribune at Newspapers.com Government experts tell us that sea level rise is caused … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of September 20, 1925

On this date in 1925, most of the Southeastern US was over 100 degrees, with Georgia reaching 107 degrees. Almost half of the US was over 90 degrees. NASA says 1925 was one of the coldest years on record. During … Continue reading

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Scientists Recycling The Same Scam – Decade After Decade

In 1958, scientists said carbon dioxide will melt peat bogs, raise sea level 200 feet and drown all the world’s seaports.  They said sea level was rising six inches per year since the 1930’s. 19 Oct 1958, Page 13 – The … Continue reading

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More Massive Sea Level Fraud From James Hansen

James Hansen claims that there have been two sharp increases in sea level rise, one around 1920 and the other in the mid-1990’s. He says sea level is rising four times as fast as it was in the 19th century. Rapid … Continue reading

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