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Effective Skeptics Don’t Reject Basic Physics

Britain’s leading climate change sceptic Nigel Lawson says global warming is real | The Independent

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Try To Remember … The Kind Of Hot September

Prior to 60 years ago, 100 degree weather in the US was quite common during September. During the early 1950’s almost one fourth of the US would reach 100 degrees sometime during September.  During September 1939, 40% of US stations reached 100F … Continue reading

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Rapid Arctic Ice Growth

The Arctic melt season was several weeks shorter than normal this year, and the ice is growing very rapidly. One reason for this is that the people measuring the ice are missing large areas of ice. Note there is not … Continue reading

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Glaciers Melting While Earth Cooling During NASA’s Coldest Years On Record

In 1907, glaciers were shrinking “remarkably.” 1 Aug 1907, Page 4 – The Brooklyn Daily Eagle at Newspapers.com According to Gavin Schmidt at NASA, earth was cooling, CO2 levels were very low, and 1907 was one of the coldest years … Continue reading

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107 Degrees In Indiana On This Date In 1939

September 14 temperatures have plummeted in the US over the past 90 years. I keep driving home the point that September used to be a very hot month in the US. On this date in 1939, a spectacular heatwave covered … Continue reading

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Gavin Hottest Year Ever Update

Glaciers in Greenland have been growing for several years. Gavin Schmidt at NASA says the last few years have been the hottest years ever. In 1939, Greenland glaciers were rapidly disappearing, and facing catastrophic collapse. 17 Dec 1939, Page 15 … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt Makes The Pause Disappear

Gavin Schmidt at NASA has boldly disappeared the global warming pause, which everyone including himself and Michael Mann agreed upon was real. Gavin’s claim is the opposite of what the IPCC says. Does “Global Warming Pause” Debate Miss Big Picture? Gavin ignores more accurate … Continue reading

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Democrats Versus The Universe

Last month at the Democratic Convention, Sigourney Weaver was on the verge of tears talking about the horrible drought in Texas. The poor ranchers who didn’t have any grass to feed their cows. Fabulous performance for Sigourney, but the last two … Continue reading

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