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Crack Reporting From The Washington Post’s Top Writer

Three days ago Today

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Classic Hillary Tweets

Hillary tweeted this a couple of hours before she declared 50 million Americans to be “a basket of deplorables.” She tweeted this three days ago, before she collapsed in 79 degree weather. The good news is that she has made … Continue reading

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CNN Is Not A News Organization

Last week, CNN fired Dr. Drew for accurately reporting on Hillary’s health. ‘Dr. Drew’ show canceled days after host’s negative speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health – The Washington Post They were already very angry at him for saying that Trump’s … Continue reading

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In Case You Doubted That CNN Are Morons

CNN set a new record for stupid this morning. Hillary Clinton health: Debunking the conspiracy theories – CNNPolitics.com

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Hillary Collapses, Loses Her Shoe

Her shoe has now been recovered. The new Hillary

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KISS Trashes Slimeball Kaepernick

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My Plan For Stopping Climate Change

My plan for stopping climate change was first articulated by the US Weather Bureau in 1907. The first step is to expose the criminals changing the climate data. docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/035/mwr-035-01-0007b.pdf

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Spectacular Heat On 9/11/1931

On September 11, 1931 every state except Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Nevada was over 90 degrees. New York City was 99 degrees. New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Virginia were over 100 degrees. BUCKEYE AZ 105 ACADEMY 2NE SD … Continue reading

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Who Said This?

The way for change and freeing yourselves from the pressure of lobbyists is not through the Republican or the Democratic parties, but through undertaking a great revolution for freedom … It does not only include improvement of your economic situation … Continue reading

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Tranquility Base

Wise men speak of ancient times when NASA could actually put men in space, rather than spending all their resources tampering with climate data.  Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.

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