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Haircut Day!

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The Green Energy Economy

Green Party candidate Jill Stein wants to convert the economy from reliable, clean, affordable fossil fuels – to environmentally destructive imaginary green energy.

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A Bigger Basket

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Things I Trust More Than Hillary Clinton

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Before Assault Weapons

Long before we had those scary black semi-automatic rifles which make progressives tremble in fear, on this date in 1862 was the bloodiest battle in US history. 16 Oct 1862, Page 3 – The Pacific Commercial Advertiser at Newspapers.com

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September 17 Temperatures Plummeting In The US

Prior to 60 years ago, September 17 was normally a very hot day in the US, with the hottest years being 1927, 1895, 1931, 1925 and 1955. On September 17, 1927 almost half of the US was over 90F, and … Continue reading

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NASA Sea Level Fraud Update

During the 1980’s, NASA reported that Greenland and Antarctica were gaining ice, and that sea level had barely risen since the 1950’s. 25 Dec 1989, Page 84 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch at Newspapers.com NASA’s top climate alarmist James Hansen reported … Continue reading

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Shortest Arctic Melt Season On Record?

The Arctic has reached the date of the normal end to the melt season. The ice is growing rapidly, extent is the same as last year, about 30% higher than four years ago, and the melt season may have been … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, NSIDC And Arctic Sea Ice

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