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September 6, 1922

On this date in 1922, three fourths of the US was over 90 degrees, and about one fourth of the country was over 100 degrees. Wisconsin was well over 100 degrees.

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UK Trip?

I may be coming to London soon to repeat my Omaha presentation. Here is the video we generated from our June Brexit trip.

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Gavin’s New Site

Gavin Schmidt at NASA created a new site site to prove that he isn’t tampering the data. It accomplishes the exact opposite. Data.GISS: GISTEMP HISTORY Gavin nearly tripled global warming from 2000 to 2016, during a time when satellites showed the Earth … Continue reading

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Understanding US Warming

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Understanding Green Energy

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It Is Always Somebody’s Fault

Progressives see sea level rising (as it has been for 20,000 years) and conclude that it is the fault of the Koch Brothers and Republicans in general. Progressives see a disproportionate number of blacks arrested by the police, and conclude that … Continue reading

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