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Unheard Of Heat – Glaciers Disappearing – During The Coldest Years On Record

In 1922, the Arctic was experiencing radical climate change, unheard of heat, and glaciers were disappearing. 2 Nov 1922, Page 6 – The Ogden Standard-Examiner at Newspapers.com According to NASA’s top climate fraudster, Gavin Schmidt, 1922 was one of the … Continue reading

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CSU Climate Scientist Says He “Provides Computers”

I worked for many years designing computers for Intel in Fort Collins, and don’t remember seeing any climate scientists helping out. Maybe Scott did this the same day Al Gore invented the Internet.

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This Date In 1928 – Second Deadliest Hurricane In US History

On this date in 1928, a hurricane in Florida killed between 2,500 and 3,000 people. It was the second deadliest US hurricane after the September 1900 Galveston storm. 22 Sep 1928, Page 1 – The Brainerd Daily Dispatch at Newspapers.com … Continue reading

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September 16 Temperatures Plummeting In The US

The percentage of the US over 90F on September 16 has plummeted in the US over the last century. During the 1930′, about one fourth of the country was over 90F, but now only about one tenth of the US … Continue reading

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Who Was The First Birther?

Donald Trump says Hillary was the first birther in 2008, but that isn’t quite accurate. Barack Obama was actually the first birther 25 years ago in 1991. Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’ Obama continued to allow others to … Continue reading

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“We Were Lucky To Get Through”

the North West Passage has already frozen behind us.  So as it turns out we went through a very short window.  The V Strait closed almost as soon as we went through, the same was true of Barrow.  So despite … Continue reading

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More Climate Change Videos

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Rapidly Growing Arctic Sea Ice

While all the usual fraudsters are talking about disappearing Arctic ice, it is growing extremely fast. The animation below show the explosion of Arctic ice over the past five days. The melt season this year was about one month shorter … Continue reading

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