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More Anti-Science Hysterics From The New York Times

The New York Times says that Georgia and Florida are flooding, and it is caused by “global warming created by human emissions” Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun – The New York Times The two closest … Continue reading

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Something Flew Past Space-X Right Before It Exploded

I pulled the seven frames surrounding the explosion from the official Space-X video, and generated an animated gif below.  Something was definitely flying past the rocket right when it exploded. Look across the top of the animation. Here is the video … Continue reading

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Maximum Temperatures Plummeting In The US

Barack Obama lies about everything, and his probably been doing so for his entire life. But one of his most blatant lies is about heat in the United States. Summer of 2030 heat wave could kill 11,000, White House says … Continue reading

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Understanding Climate Change Theory

Every day we see more and more outrageous lies about the climate coming out of the White House, CNN, New York Times, NASA, NOAA and other Soros owned agencies. The rationale for what they are doing was explained in 1939. Mein … Continue reading

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In Support Of LGBT

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September 3 During The Ice Age Scare

On this date in 1974, the US was very cold, with temperatures below 50F as far south as Texas, and much of the US below freezing. Minimum temperatures were 15 degrees cooler than the same date in 1898. A few … Continue reading

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1962 Was More Than 50 Million Years Ago

During the summer of 1962, two US submarines nearly collided as they surfaced at the ice-free North Pole. April 28, 1963 – Near-Disaster of 2 Subs Bared | Chicago Tribune Archive 0857858.jpg (3052×1764) Atom Subs Meet At North Pole – … Continue reading

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September 3 Used To Be A Hot Day In The US

The hottest September 3rd’s in the US were 1947, 1925, 1939, 1937, 1922, 1913 and 1898 – all before 1950. The hottest September 3 was 1947, with Minneapolis, Kansas reaching 115 degrees and almost the entire country over 90 degrees. … Continue reading

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Thousands Of Papers Denying Climate Change

Apparently thousands of scientists believe that the climate never used to change.

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